Thank you Wonderstruck Devs

Everyone let the devs know how great of a job they are doing, that their hard work and dedication to give us the best experience they can, is appreciated. The communication with the community is outstanding. Efforts to add what the community request to make it our game. And the countless hours they put in to make sure boundless stays alive and running for us. Thank you Wonderstruck, for all you do.


I appreciate their work but I’m kinda disappointed at the same time too.
we got promised new maps this week for and even I know it was ‘‘I try to’’
I was hoping for some feedback regarding the maps update. even when we got told sorry it was not possible then everything would have been fine so @james I’m disappointed in you even when your busy it’s only less than 1 minute to keep your community up to date.

besides that yeah I got no complaints


You mean 1 minute to post to forums not 1 minute to make the maps right?

I think the forums-community scared James back when he used to post more. So now he posts less. It sucks for us but I certainly can’t blame him.


This is a forum post of appreciation, please refrain from complaints. This is a positive thread for thanks, if you are here to only bring negativity, start a different thread.


I had an in-game issue once, The dev’s responded accrdingly and professionally. I’m cetain if this was anyother game or set of Dev’s my voice would have been lost in the wind. The Wonderstruck team is working on making a truly unique and wondrous game and I appreciate their time.

Keep up the great work @Wonderstruck !

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I’ve been playing boundless for over a year now, i have met many amazing and kind people. The work the dev’s do to keep the game running and updated for the players is greatly appreciated.
I have not played any other game since playing boundless :fist:


Always so hugely grateful for and appreciative of all their work!! :smiley: I know I’m not the only one here, from talking to others, where Boundless has given me some true happiness through tough times. I’ve read some stuff, like Blood, Sweat, and Pixels, so have an idea of what a rough job it can be, how much crunch time there is, what a toll all this can take… with all my pleasure I get from my games, it does bother me knowing that my happiness might be coming at the expense of others’. So the very least I can do is show my appreciation, especially for the game I love most: You all ROCK, you and your work are the greatest! :slight_smile:


When I had an issue, James came and fixed it within about 30-45 minutes. But he also told me I was being a rude person and that I needed to stop.
I’ve taken that to heart.
I try to help as many people as I can.

Thank you for that attitude adjustment. :smiley:


I haven’t been on the forums for a while but I do appreciate this game and the like to thank the Devs for all the hard work. I have mostly played competitive first person shooters and sports games never thought I would enjoy this type of game as much as I do. Boundless might be my favorite game of all time or very close to it. So big thank you !


While the devs can be very busy, they are awesome. Just the other day James flew in from the heavens like the silver surfer and helped me out :blush:


Boundless so far is the most beautiful sand box game in the world. I think Dev should be proud of it.
They create a very nice system for players to use their creativity to build tons of amazing structure in the game.

But rest of contents they still have a lot of spacing to improve. I hope we can see more improvement for this beautiful game soon :slight_smile:


I’ve never played any game that made me feel as at home as I have in Boundless. I feel in my heart, the Devs have the best intentions for this game. They put their heart and souls into it… they take time away from their personal life… and they listen.

Keep up the great work! I love the community and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future…



Wait! You mean to tell me they don’t actually live inside the game?? :hushed: lol :joy:


no problems , no issues, no complaints no negativity just pure point of view and reality.


The point of the thread was literally to appreciate and praise the devs. You came in and said you were disappointed. It’s totally fine that you’re disappointed. Feel free to create a thread about your concerns but please stick to the point of the thread here. Thanks!


Kudos to the devs for all they do. Boundless has come a long way and I’m SUPER excited for creative mode and modding which they’re working very hard towards.

Additionally, a little birdie told me about an upcoming feature that the community has been clamoring for since 1.0 release and apparently it’s coming and “soon” ™. My lips are sealed so don’t ask :).


Well now I feel like its xmas ;D

Also sending alot of love from Denmark to you awesome Dev guys and girls


Well the maps things is not less than 1 minute of work nor is taking the time to do a post. Why ask for a post saying “I was too busy to get to the maps, sorry.” It is OBVIOUS that is the situation.

At the end of the day the Devs are trying to make a game that is better for everyone. They help how they can, when they can for things like this. James could have easily not coded up a web page and allowed everyone to just deal with the change. Instead he is trying to help people see the change before it happens so they can adjust.

People should be thankful for that decision to go above what was needed… We should hold them accountable to certain things but not when they are trying to make it better.


Thanks wonderstruck team! Fantastic job on the game so far. Can’t wait to see what comes next. Hopefully my sick armour. Bahahaha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::beers:


It wasn’t promised.

I did look at getting a new set of maps outside of an update and this is quite a bit of work.

Instead we’re going to update the game to allow me to query the maps whilst the game is running. Once done we’ll be able to update the maps on a much more frequent basis.