That last post about coin value?

Ok just seen it. I can just get a answer and that be it so it does not go on but I’m wondering. Were they asking about selling a account?
From the looks of everyones response they assumed they were. I thought The question was just a friendly one about how much 1mil coin translate to in real life, where do you place it? Did anyone see it that way? It’s funny because I had this thought earlier today. Like in real life 1 mil would get me some much more. 1mil in game gets me some concrete lol :joy:


Then the real question is of course…
how much concrete do you want :sunglasses:

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It never ends :joy:

I do believe she was just trying to make a point and show how frustrated she was. I don’t believe she was actually asking ppl to give her $ for her coin.

It’s really hard on the folks that run markets/malls (and some other places) when there are plot changes. It effects a lot of players.


Ahh ok. Yeah I can’t see who the original poster was or any of their comments. To me the title looked as just a question about in game coin vs real life money. I was like I hope she was not misunderstood because that was a full on assumption attack against her. But if so she would have addressed that in a comment I’m sure. Unless she didn’t and felt attacked.

Maybe we should not even talk about…there’s a reason @james shut the convo down.


Yup. Real world trading is a big ol’ nope.

Same as any mmo really

Pssst Bungie allows account recoveries to be done for raids and pvp stuff. Tho it’s technically against the rules but too many of their big streamers do it so they let it happen :sweat_smile::joy:

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I’m asking a specific question.

I don’t think you understood my question or can read between the lines. Also I can ask whatever I like. Please don’t refer maybe I shouldn’t ask questions so I can understand, or perhaps help others understand if it their was a misunderstanding. Understand? Do you want to drive off more community?

Yeap good for u…

It’s not allowed, it has no place on this forum. Hope this one gets locked as well…


Lol This is not discussion in detail about that last post. It was only a question about what the last one meant. @james you can lock this @lucadeltodecso. I don’t see why so many of you misread what I wrote. I just wanted clarity so people were not misrepresented and leave the game. Seeing the post after it was locked I cannot see the op comments or who wrote it. As a viewer to me it looks like they were asking a fun question. That has nothing to do with a account being sold. I think what I asked or claim to see went over the head.


Closed as per OPs request