The 2 add-ons you always download in games?

This is a rather vague title i realize, but the question is basically 2 types of add-ons do you always download in MMO’s because you feel they are needed but never ingame?

those who play mmo’s know what an add-on is, but for the minecraft players, its basically a mod that doesnt change the logic of the game but rather add something to the menu or some quick commands.

my 2 are outift saves and skill saves

Outfit save is kinda obvious, the idea that you can make a template and save everything you currently have equipped that can be loaded at any time so you equip all of those items again, given that they are still in your bag, this is great for RP but also if you have different playstyles so you have a set focusing on agility and one focusing on intellect.

Skill save is almost the same thing but with skills instead of outfits, some newer games such as ESO and TSW have thrown away the idea of having every single skill on your hotbar like wow and limit you to a certain amount of active skills you can have equipped at a time, this gives much greater possiblity for making unique builds and crafting things focused on specific things, so you might have a build for solo play, group play, single target, group targets, pvp and a boss build. skill saves allow you to save your template and then load it at any time, this i think would be neccesary if they do add the ability to master every weapon type, so you can quickly load your builds without having to use 10 mins everytime on putting the abilties back up.

so what are the 2 types of menu / shortcuts you always feel is needed but is usually not in the game?


The most important add-on I use in any MMO is some sort of damage counter so that I can determine my true damage per second, my crit percentages for every attack, damage over time up-time, etc. Having and being able to study this information helps me maximize my damage output and optimize my attack rotations. As a Warlock in WoW, this is the single most valuable add-on you can have, bar none.

Anything else after that is really secondary, especially if the game supports rewriting key-bindings. I usually re-bind my attacks on WoW to my num-pad. Assuming that the developers do in fact add in key-bind support, I’d have to say my second choice would be chest organizing mods that I use in MC. Really improves workflow and efficiency when you have not yet had a chance to build a massive chest storage/organizer yet.

A Equip/Skill save function would be very cool. I miss my Millions of Guildwars 1 builds ^^ … For me, most the times the addons I used where enhanching the Map or made the inventory smaller / more ordered. I hope Oort manage to don’t let me want those again for it ;D

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Inventory sorting features that are actually intelligent are always a must. I often feel like no matter how I sort my inventories, things always get messy, and often the auto sorting measures just make things worse. Looking at you, tf2, and your absolutely awful inventory management system.

I don’t know about MMOs but for Minecraft I always play with the Journeymap mod
the thing I like about it is that you can open a large map that shows the terrain of everywhere you have been while everywhere you have NOT been is blacked out. It will only update if you go back to a place that has changed. You can place way-points anywhere on the map and they will show up on the minimap for navigation

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Oh yes that would be a great feature for the current map! That and more definition of terrain on the map would be amazing.

I mainly play WoW, but this can be applied to any MMO I’ve ever played:

  1. I always have an addon that tracks damage/healing output and lets me clearly see how much damage do I inflict in a given fight, or how much healing do I do, and how this damage/healing is distributed between different skills and targets. It also should track damage received (by me or the entire group) to find out what’s going wrong (if it does).
  2. Some sort of Deadly Boss Mods (WoW): an addon that warns you about upcoming phases/attacks in a given encounter, which lets you prepare accordingly without having to memorise all that yourself (essentially keeps track of boss cooldowns, abilities, phases, etc).

Others are completely optional. I did use Reforge addon in WoW when it was still present at the game, and an addon that automatically sold all trash to vendor with a single click - but that’s not mandatory and is just a quality of life addon.

I hope the titans use their skills not perfectly timed but randomly so that we can only prepare with skill or have to look at them. But there may be still mods which instandly give a warning sound if the enemy begins to use a strong skill. But I hope no skill takes longer then 3-5 secs to prepare, because most times the bosses then looks retarded ;D

I hope they take a look at a game like path of exile and create skills like that
Use multiple skills/mods together get something new