The 2 types of mounts

I still think tamer should be a profession, and if you level it enough you can take a cub and train it into a mount that yo ucan use, and if you have even higher skill you can make it so docile that even other people can ride it.

but to the post

I think there should be 2 categories of mounts: Tamed and Crafter


it was summed up pretty well over here the different beast types, i still dont think we should have flying mounts, but i agree with his beast mounts.

This is an alternative for those who dont want a beast mount, a crafted mount can be a magical mount or a technological mount that requires alot of materials to craft. kinda like in Trove.


i think it would be cool to allow master crafters to craft mounts. such as the chopper from WOW and the like :smiley: