The 5.000c Quest

Hey there Now ive set up a quest in the Portal Seekers Network.

Get the chance to win 5.000 coin all you need to do is find all the letters in the portal seekers Gateway network. The signs are hidden and you have to find all the 19 letters and then put it together in the right order. Then send a pm to VirresSs with the answer on Discord or the Forum :slight_smile:


Been busy all day. Has somebody already won this?

no one won :stuck_out_tongue: and it was only for the 1 of april

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RIP, pretty sure there are still people looking :joy:

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Yup ^ some guy spent so long and had questions on Discord. Maybe it was an April Fool’s joke gone wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

Collecting all the Letters was actually really fun.
I only missed 3.
But then i got distracted and never tried to piece them together. :rofl:

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It was really fun searching for the letters :joy:

I managed to find 18. After a really long time searching for the 19th, I eventually gave up.

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yeah I’m going to do a new one that’s not just a joke and maybe not as long. :slight_smile:

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