The amazing technological benefits of the magical oortian Telekinesis Cube!

In the lore, it mentions that Oort shards are used for contraptions, right?
I’ve been thinking about an amazing mechanic thing that can be added into the game, adding alot of depth while perfectly fitting the lore: the Telekenesis Cube!

The Telekinesis Cube can move blocks using telekinesis according to a “command” you preset into the cube. the command activate only when you press a button that is on the Telekinesis Cube, or when the Telekinesis Cube receives power from a power source. Telekinesis Cubes will have Oort Shards in their crafting recipe, with some other materials to diffrentiate it from portals.

So… how does it work?

When clicking a placed Telekinesis Cube, you will be able to “link it” to another cube by specifying an XYZ coordinates. you wont be able to target cubes that are inside beacons of other players. after that, you will be able to choose “steps” and order the linked cube to move, one step at a time. there will be a maximum of 10 steps allowed.

Blocks wont be able to move into beacons of other players - if a cube is going to enter a beacon of other player, the link will be broken to prevent griefing.

Imagine the possibilities! imagine the crazy machinery people will create with the amazing Telekinesis Cube!
elevators, robots, secret doors in walls, traps… the possibilities are endless!!!


When it comes time to implement mechanical blocks this is actually a really nice alternative to pistons. Very Oorty I think, I’d expect to see these in Oort Temples later.


That’s what I was thinking too!

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What about a lower level telekenisis cube that can only move them up/down left/right?

But you can already do that with a normal Telekinesis cube.

I mean one that is easier to get

Nah i think just one type of Telekinesis Cube is just fine.
What would be the benefit of having a lower tier one with a limited ability?

If you just need one direction for example for an elevator you wouldn’t have to spend that much materia.

You can still do one direction with the more advanced Telekinesis Cube tho.
I think adding a “lower tier” one is just not a good idea because it’s simply unneeded.

I would love to see something that would allow for cool contraptions or automated building machines.

I’d really love to see something like that in oort

It’s not unneeded if you want to safe on ressources.