The cash shop and cubits


i mean for buying plots alts


im not saying the game is pay 2 win what im saying is you could make a challenge by trying to play the game without useing the cash shop cuz you cant even craft without using attest 1 plot

and i get im late to the party on this just for one reason or another i never really took a step back and realized how much cubits where being used


Well I mean I can craft on my alt and he has no plots :joy: so theatrically someone could start a new character and ask someone else if they can use that persons machines and storage. I know it’s unlikely to happen. But this is a forum of what ifs a lot of times


Ok, I get your point here except my rebuttal is that you are given cubits so quickly in the beginning that this is really a moot point. This is not the cash shop, it’s the cubit shop. Sure there is a fundamental link between the two but once the game shows you how the system works you can’t tell me that it’s hard to differentiate cash from cubits.


And that’s the thing opinions differ on that topic.

If I want to build something big and I need more plots than I have, I have 2 choices, keep playing and wait until I finally get the amount thru normal gameplay OR spend RL money to get it NOW.

Yet people want to let everyone believe that is not some form of ‘pay for an advantage/shortcut/whateveryouwannacallit’…

Skill reset token, reset pages, skill sheets and alts, same thing, want another alt? Either keep playing until you have the cubits or pay right away. That could mean you can’t do certain things for a while even tho others who do spend the cash can do it right away.

Again, not a form of paying for an advantage?

Am not saying the game does it in a bad way and negative reviews because the game is p2w are nonsensical and they don’t know the game at all if they believe that but why does it have to be black and white?
Why is it so hard for some people to admit there are some elements in the game we love that can indeed give you an advantage if you throw money at it? I dunno, perhaps defensiveness, perhaps unable to see gray teints as well (hence why the black and white blocks are so popular I bet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) it’s just driving me a tad nuts, especially the replies that tend to ridicule you when you think otherwise…

But this is going to be my final reply to such a topic, EVER!


Agreed, opnions differ. I apologize if i upset you with mine :slight_smile:
The shop, in my opinion, is for People with more Money but less time, not for People with time and no Money.
So i dont see and advantage if Family father wilson buys some plots or a skill page whilest nerd faya is playing day in day out to acomplish the same with the time at Hand.

Are there People w/o Money AND time? For sure. But then i suggest to Change your life style before playing games.

Again, no offense to anyone, as this is my opinion.


Same here, sorry if I sound like a jerk.

Pay to Win for me equals one of two things:

  1. Major Paywall to a lot of content, not just some fun items, skins or convenience stuff
  2. Paying money gives you an obvious “best” items/guns/stats/health etc.

The only thing I have considered paying for in Boundless is plots but I haven’t because even when tempted I find by the time I’m ready to use them I’ve found I’ve earned enough.


Yes, please, oh god yes please.


I don’t even understand how so much grief develops over this in games that are pay to play.


I have a great idea. Wordfilter the word “cubits” to “capitalism”.


I only go into “the exchange” once every 3-4 days to collect boxes from feats and levels. I only buy plots when I need them (which it has been over a month since I did that). I haven’t been into the “shop” since the beginning of April (to refresh my 6month gleam club), and I hadn’t been into it before that since November. No idea where you are getting that you have to go into the shop 1-2 times per play session (assuming you only get to play once a day).

King of what? most games where “the cash shop is king” that is where you buy armor, weapons, upgrades, etc. The “exchange” offers “skill pages” which are the only true upgrade you can “buy” for your character, but you have to earn all the points that go into it (like, earn them a second time, as if you were leveling from scratch but only at a lesser rate since its 50+ levels), you are not granted any power from it alone.

The game is about a persistent, shared, sandbox. I don’t understand how anything in the “exchange” nor the “Shop” makes either of them “king” of anything. Yes you buy plots through the “exchange” but if you don’t have any interest in building or crafting that means nothing to you. You can play the rest of the game simply by interacting with the player economy (as a hunter/gatherer).

Okay, we have the exchange for 1 reason. Are you ready for it? Because we do not have ANY interactive NPCs in the game. The game’s city, economies, and events (except holidays) are all built purely by players. Due to this amazing dedication to vision (IMO), a rewards system to deliver other things to the player needed to be implemented (xp, levels, a way to buy plots, a way to make yourself more distinct and customized from other players, a way to obtain more skill reset pages, a way to buy alt slots, etc). That need birth the “exchange”. Realizing that since 75%+ of the exchange was cosmetic they added the ability to buy “cubits” (with real world money) which are the currency for the exchange. After backlash and public opinion they moved the buying feature to a separate area called the “shop”. But the system is still needed unless they add NPCs into the game, which will take away from the overall vision of the game and a little of the “soul” of boundless will die.

I realize that some of those events didn’t happen exactly as I described, but from someone who bought the game launch week, I can say that this is a logical way of looking at the system in place from my point of view.


Specifically, what are you unable to ‘earn’?


You can earn everything through gameplay. Every level past 50 gives you free cubits. Leveling past 50 is actually super easy to.


Sure but I wonder what drives that quoted statement from the OP. I guess we could be missing something “basic”?


nothing it more goes to this point

its not so much that you cant earn anything that you can buy or the fact that you can get it easy its more the fact of why des core gameplay mechanics need to be tied to a microtransaction store? also on a thing i sayed befor

this game is the first MMO i have seen where it plays like phone game where you play to earn micro coins to then spend on the game its self


Again though, I’m actually looking for a specific example of this actually being the case.

Anything “core” or “Basic” that you can’t acquire with your original purchase price.

I’ve never played an MMO where you didn’t grind for coin. Or some equivalent commodity.


I want to make the effort to understand your perspective here OP, but for some reason I just get the impression you don’t understand this game very well.

Cubits are thrown at you. You get cubits for damn near anything. Every time you level up after level 50, you get cubits. It never decreases, it just keeps going. For those of us that run fixed builds, you end up piling up 7 or 8 thousand cubits very quickly. The only time I use them is to change from one planetary resistance to another.

Coins are used for player to player interactions and some very minor ingame cash sinks (transit). The chrysominter vomits coins are you with such regularity that you can have a scrooge-mcduck style vault of coins if you so chose.

So what, on earth, are you talking about? That people can swipe a credit card and get a few thousand plots vs. grinding and getting a few thousand plots? That is literally the only difference. Nothing else.

There is no reward for buying plots. You have to do something with them. Effort is involved. There is no core reward with just plotting up half a planet. You need to invest energy, materials and creative ability. Then you might get something out of it, which may only be your own satisfaction.

I saw this nonsense on the steam reviews: people with 1.5 hours of played time going “ITS PAY 2 WIN”. The player takes zero responsibility to understand the game and make no effort to comprehend that they can actually earn everything. They want it all, right now, and what no one else to have more than them. That level of entitlement is hilarious.

As a criticism, the developers could certainly do away with the chest animation. Its cheesy and gives a bad impression of a reward. If you are going to have quests, the sanctum guardian guy should be the “quest giver” and not “loot boxes” or whatever else is the perception.

I said in another thread that when these concerns come up, they are either a gross misunderstanding of the game mechanics at best, or intentional deception at worst. It applies here.


Pay 2k bucks and you will have 5 pages with no points, 1k plots with nothing in them and a bunch of cosmetics that have no effect on gameplay. Describe how you are better off lol.


my bad i was just kind of thowing a number at there to make a point that you cant really avoid the store unless you just gather/hunt

has for the king bit i more ment what i went into on my last post above where the store is almost a core mechanic

yea i get that its kind of a double egged sword the game could really really use NPC’s but once you bend on that it starts a slippery slope

off the top of my head plots and alts cant be gained without using the store

no tbh i would not care if they released the ability for people to be able to buy level 50 char’s i play WoW and that game sells “level tokens” its more the fact of if there was 2 types of currency “cubits” that you pay for and lets say “zbits” that you can only earn and that is what you would use for buying plots it would be different. on one of my alts befor i deleted him i had close to 8K worth of cubits but i never got any of the wearable’s on him cuz even tho i had “earned” them i still saw a $ vaule to the cubits cuz the store gives them that. going back to my wallmart example

in a standbox game where building is front and center to then say you need a premium currency to get the plots to build i get you can earn then but again it goes back to the fact that you still can buy them so it makes it a premium thing haveing a 100% free store where a player could completely disable even seeing cubits i think would ease alot of worry that people have when looking into this game

side note i get the game is a no sub model so the devs need to make cash but you can have a cash store and not have it be has front and center has it is right now i played KotOR for almost a year befor even looking at the store.


Yeah, we’re done here. I thought i was talking to someone that had played the game.


Umm … I’ve somehow managed to get both plots and alts without using the store … I did it by playing and enjoying the game which earned xp which leveled up my character which gave me cubits which gave me the option of using them to get more plots or alts or cosmetics or skill pages etc etc from the exchange … the only time I’ve used the store is for gleam club which I’m happy to do to support this game.