The cash shop and cubits


after reading the post on this thread Boundless Review - Read Before You Buy and reading some other reviews on different sites there seemed to be a underlineing theme the cash shop is the core part of the game and that is turning people away.

cubits are needed to do almost anything in the game and cuz cubits are also the premium currency that means all that stuff also has a price tag attached to it sure you can “earn” them but that des not remove there monetary value.

im putting this in general and not suggestions cuz im not 100% sure of a fix but just feel like it may be getting overlooked in terms of how outsiders looking in could see it boundless is the first PC phone game

to cover a few points befor we get the convo started

the cash shop and cubit store are separate

at first i was happy with this change then i relaized it was just smoke and mirrors the devs did it cuz during the free to play weekend people on the outside looking in where seeing there stick and calling them out on it just cuz they are on diffenet pages des not mean they are not still connected it just means new players now wont see it right away and eather right it off or go “oh #@!” and quit

you earn cubits when you level up so it des not matter that you can buy them

while true however eveything being linked to a single premium currency means the devs have total power and control not saying they would do this but nothing stops them form looking at there earnings and going “oh we are not makeing the target cash with the store lets fix that” and boom now all of a sudden its 100 cubits for x size plot when it used to be 80 or boom now we are makeing much less cubits per level or it takes longer to level then in the past.

also on a point i made befor just cuz you can earn them des not take away there value im going to use a made up example here but pretend you work at lets say wallmart and insted of paying you in cash they payed you in walmart bucks a currency that customers can also get by spending money and the bucks can me used to buy anything in store now des haveing worked for those bucks mean they dont have any cash vaule cuz you essentially got them for free?

now you may be saying will you got that for working and this is a game but spending lets say 2 hours sweeping the floor’s to earn 50 wallmart bucks and spending 2 hours just mindlessly doing someting to earn 50 cubits is in essence the same thing.

there is no diff in earning cubits vs buying them

separating the cubit store and shop did nothing to fix the underlining problem

the game needs a non-premium way of earning the basics


I guess I don’t understand this… I see no problem with cubits really. You need them for only two things. Glamour and plots. Neither are “game breaking”. You can do everything in the game without ever using a single one.

I only just recently spent some money on cubits as a “support the game” thing. Bought myself some paint. I’ve earned more than enough cubits otherwise to create a small empire. Especially since you can create additional alts, and leveling each to ~20 isn’t really that hard, cubits aren’t even an issue if you think about it. I have 4 toons and well over 300 plots and a couple thousand cubits just laying around.

I think leveling is an acceptable way to earn cubits considering the few things you actually use them for.


this discussion happened many times and started with introduction of:


Course you could earn that “50 bucks” in a matter of minutes in boundless. Log in throw some stuff into machines log out. Hours later or even days later log in and boom “50 bucks”


yea i remeber seeing that post and just for whatever reasson it never cilcked in my head that eveything was going to be tied to cubits

im not saying they are “game breaking” im more saying to this point

nothing is stopping the devs form saying wow people are earning cubits to fast/easy and turning that way down


Man, I keep seeing this (and the pay to win) argument and I STILL don’t get it. I even reflected as much in my review on Steam.

I currently have 88 plots total. I also have 1300+ cubits unspent. I haven’t even finished leveling up yet. The only possible way I can see that a person needs to buy cubits is they’re making a crazy huge build or they want to buy out the shop in terms of vanity items. Neither of these things is needed to enjoy the game.

I don’t know how to quote here, but you point out the devs could change this at any time… yes, they could. they could change literally anything at any time. There’s really no point in "what if"ing it. There’s a reason the game costs what it does to start, and not needing to dig into microtransactions just to enjoy the game is a big one.


Just simply disagree. The base model of the game that you can pay 25$? for on a free weekend/sale is more than enough to enjoy the game. You need literally nothing else. Anything in the cash shop is a purely vanity/luxury aspect. None of it provides any real advantage over another character.

More skill sheets? I just have 10 alts so I dont even buy those.
More cleanse? With 10 characters, I have never seen the need
Skill page resets? Again same as above.

Everything else on there is pure vanity/luxury. Buying more plots means eating up more server space so you should have to buy those if you’re not happy with the 2-3k you get from making 10 alts and leveling them up.

I’ll never agree with this argument. It’s so thin a toddler can punch holes in it.


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^ My personal opinion ^

Any online game ever made is subject to change in all ways for any reasons.

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Ultimately the game has to have an ongoing cash flow. Even if there was no further development the servers cost money on an ongoing basis. Players just paying a one time $40 are not going carry the game over the long term. You would need a lot of players to join and quit. If the new players stay then more servers are needed and the cost to run the game goes up so their $40 goes into running the new servers and not the old ones.

The only way to do this is to allow some way for the game to incent players to spend more money. The developers have chosen gleam club and cubits. The alternative is a subscription where every player has to pay money every month to run the servers. There really is no other way to do it. The cash has to come from somewhere and since players are not required to pay every month there are players that will put in cash and some that will not.


What it really sounds like is you want a way to convert coin into cubits and probably not the other way around.

I also wouldn’t put much stock in a game review that probably was written by someone who got paid to write it in the first place. It’s about as valuable as some game review on YouTube from a person who only played for a few hours or one of those idiotic steam reviews from someone who knows nothing about the game.

It also sounds like you want time to be spent on fixing the game’s outwards appearance to potential players.

I can agree on the desire to want to improve the game’s outwards appearance to potential players and the conversion of coin to cubits but not cubits to coin. I would welcome that with open arms.

I could be wrong with my assumptions though.


I have now close to 5k plots and i know that compared to some here is Nothing.
I earned around 4k whilest playing the game and i bought 1k to support the devs and fill my need of “now” plotting.
What People see is “plots for cubits” and “cubits for Money” not “plots are useless unless worked on/with”.
I work/worked on 3.8k plots so far, that leaves me 1.2k spare in case i Need something “now”.
I guess my Point is, that i would not Need any plots from the shop if i didnt Need them for my builds and yes, i build big structures.
I played the game and earned 4 of my5k plots by playing. There is no p2w in this game.


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Do keep in mind that earning that much without spending money will take a while. You didn’t just instantly obtain 4k plots.

Boundless is indeed a game that takes time in order to achieve great things on your own and acquiring that many plots does take a certain level of game knowledge, hours per day or week, and the tenacity to get that many plots. I have a city project I want to build all on my own that takes 3600 plots alone just to get the minimum borders of it claimed. This isn’t talking about the approximate 3000-4000 more plots I’d need to build vertically within that space.

I can totally understand people wanting to get plots more quickly.


sorry i made this thread cuz the other one was about the review and was unsure if i would have been hijacking the thread by going into the detail i wanted to

for sure just the way its setup right now i dont think works we just someting so people dont feel the cash shop is king

for sure the review alone im not takeing much stock in but when you add that with the posts people have made here and on the steam forums and the 50 someting reviews during the free to play weekend there is someting there

100% agree here too to add to what FayaAOP sayed

im in no way saying the game is p2w just that the game is one big cash shop regardless of if you earn cubits or buy them 9/10 you go into the shop atlest 1 or 2 times a day and when i talk about the game to family and freinds even back when i tryed to convince them to get the game that was a huge red flag i get the game is a MMO and needs to make cash but i dont know of many MMO’s where the cash shop was needed for even the most basic gameplay


Why would i go into the shop 1-2 times a day?!
I went 3 times in close to 3k Hours into the shop….
And where do you Need the shop for the most Basic game Play?
Explain please?
Up until the shop was introduced People worked w/o it, plotted whole Areas w/o it and were happy.
When it came, Things went on as allways PLUS the Option to plot more then before.

Sorry m8, either you have a different game then me or i dont know what.


You mean real life money, right? I’m sorry I understand none of this paragraph.


Well, Boundless is not a perfect game for sure.
This game still need a lot of improvement to make it better and better.

But Pay 2 win or big cash shop ? Uh… sorry i don’t feel we are playing the same game.
Half year ago maybe i would agree with you because we didn’t have guild system at that time, and people can buy plot and build up prestige to take down other city. But this issue has been gone for very long time.