The castle is DONE #10

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I am happy to inform that the castle is done! Any remaining details will be finalized off camera!

Please let me know what you think! 4 months have passed since my return to the game and that also means it has taken me 4 months of work to complete this. It has been a great journey and looking forward to the next chapter of Foolshope!

Leave a like and a comment if you think it was a good episode, I tried some new edits once again and I myself am quite pleased with it.

As per usual, if you have any feedback it’s highly appreciated and any ideas you may have I will be all ears for!

Thank you again for a great end of 2022 and see you in 2023! Stay safe and have a happy new year!



Great castle, but I think the one you showed just before your big reveal… thats the g.o.a.t castle :joy:


Can we just appreciate that this is in T6 world…

Good job

Will you continue with village etc For outskifts of the castle?


Very cool build, looks great!


Wow so cool! I love the attention to detail inside


It actually took me 4 months to create that and 10 minutes to do my own :rofl:

@Buugi Thank you! :slight_smile: I will indeed, the goal is to have a massive city hidden within the mountains. Long way to go but 1 step at a time :ok_hand:



I attend To start building In higher tiers myself…

Any tips? :grin:

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Really nice build :wink:

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Just such a great build with amazing attention to detail inside :clap:

fantastic goal to have :+1:

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Thank you all :heart:

@Buugi Go prepared with proper tools and especially slingbows cause you wanna kill mobs fast. Also make sure to have lots of plots so that you can protect the land nearby, which will make mobs spawn further away and not constantly be on you. Another thing is to never AFK in the open - you will die! :rofl:

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Only Downside i always see on higher tiers is that constant mob noise… Its just so annoying.


That is annoying but easily the biggest downside is the fact that you gotta use skill points on Hammer and Axe damage talents and use T6 tools. You lose like 20-30 skill points that you wouldn’t have to use on a T1 or T2 world. +4 points in atmosphere protection and more if you want health to survive attacks etc. :rofl:


That sure is a big deal.

I guess it really comes if you got money Or skill To forge hammers that dont reguire you To use your sp s.

Even if you have t7 tools you still need some points in skills you wouldn’t need on a lower tier world. But I love Kol Huroo, such a cool planet and the mountains are so cool. :ok_hand:

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If you’re not trying to get fancy with your building tools, just “throw some damage on” is a pretty simple forge. It’s definitely not like trying to forge high end mining/farming tools and balance AoE against the other desirable boons.

If you’re forging on enough damage you might be able to skip a little on tool mastery for a building page. You’re still definitely going to need atmosphere protection, and damage epic (gotta kill them critters too).

Once you get some walls and a roof things get better but clearing space for a build is a constant battle.

I mean the downside is not really the tool or price of tools but rather that I still have to use skill points on damage and protection that I wouldn’t have to on a low tier world. That’s the point I am trying to convey here. :+1:


dunno why but i wonna run over that dining table morrowwind style lol

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Yes just adding some supporting detail RE: fact that no amount of forging is going to overcome the need for additional skill points.

In response to this. :man_shrugging:

I have to mix my time at my main base on Houchus with time inland; I get the jitters if I’m not on a hunting skill page and I find having player pips on the horizon rather cozy and nice and build-inspiring :smiley:

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It looks fantastic!