The Coin system - is it going to be an issue?

So my main guild and myself have just been discussing the coin/credit system -

If we only get them from

  • Feats
  • objectives (coffers)

That means there is only ever going to be a finite ammount???

so we are discussing how did it ever Work in the past as well as it did? Dev gifts might have been a big one… (no offence there)

The point is… the success of the economy is 100% player and objective driven… what are we going to do when we run out of objectives and the other feats take an impossible time? Create Slums?

Just a thought will it work - successfully?

Footfall is still a thing.

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yea but when everyone is friends you dont get any

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I am not friends with everyone. So… bring on the coin. :slight_smile:


i am just saying in general… for some/an average ammmount the finite ammount of coin WILL be an issue in a player-based economy if here is going to be no extra way of income apart from shops/foot-fall (as @Dulki says you odont get much… unless you are a capital etc i was only getting 2>4 form footfall a day)

And the over powered feats (towards the later ones) and the objectives (which are finite)

ok so Joe can be sitting on 20mil

while the others are in the slums? (example only)

Depends on where you have a high traffic location. Aquatopia is getting rebuilt and people are going to want to visit there. I’ve already been told I can setup a shop in the city too. So I’ll get shop sales plus footfall coin.

You don’t need to be a capital city to generate footfall at a reasonable amount. 2 to 4 coin per visit at this early in the game isn’t bad. Be lucky that you can even get that this early in.

At least there aren’t shops springing up selling stuff as stupid high prices day 2 into the game’s pre launch.

It works the same way every game economy works: sinks and faucets.

Faucets are feats, objectives and footfall. Sinks are tax and warps. Since both of these are infinite sources there will always be coin. Warps are a major sink early-universe and a minor sink once portal networks exist. Tax is percentage based (and 0 on low items) so it acts in a self-calibrating way.

Keep in mind that for every coin you earn you create roughly 10x as much turnover in the economy - so prices will always appear high in relation to footfall/objectives coin (as in about 10x higher than you’d think).


You can say that again!

but it forces the have nots to not explore much at all expecially since warping has increased in price (500+ to go two blinks etc)

but i get it… was just a gneral O.O basically… not a why dis happen noaw!! if oyu get me

It’s day 2 in the pre launch. Everyone is going through what is called progressing.

You can explore plenty without having to go to a T3 or 4 or 5 world.


yeh and i just realised that the fact of … your job to build the universe is they were actually talking about t1/2 which the influx will stay on for a few weeks/months…

Which was my unsaid point of well how can we establish…, if… and… QQ we cant but now i understand it this post may now be deleted/locked

@Stretchious @Havok40k


I know it seems like a huge problem at the moment, but once shops get established it will not be an issue. The more people that join the game, the more coins floating around in the economy.

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We don’t lock and delete posts without good cause. Others can learn from the discussions here.


Im not sure im seeing the point. A finite amount of coin is ideal, with additional being added with new players/footfall.

In real economics, all adding more money to the economy does is create inflation. There will be no difference in the in-game economy.


Build it and they will come…
One of the early objectives, to be sure, but there’s a valuable lesson there regardless.
Aquatopia, Steam City, Therka Market, Moebius plaza, these were massive player built “cities” and i can only imagine the sheer amount of footfall that they generated. So, its up to us to start more “cities” to attract the newcomers when they are allowed in ie: pre-orders and PS4 players. There’s infinite potential here. Optimism my friend.


On a side note: Im pretty broke already and i only visited a couple planets, quite possibly waaaaay too soon. Its all part of the experience :wink:

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Extra Credits did a video on game economies that is insightful, it’s somewhere on YouTube but I’m at work so I can’t hunt down the link right now.

One of the issues I remember is that you can have players who accumulate a lot of wealth then stop playing for a while / forever. This can really harm an in-game economy with a fixed quantity of currency.

The idea with the sink model is that the devs can tweak the flow parameters as needed to deal with any economic issues that might arise as the game universe develops. Our real-world central banks sort of do the same thing, or at least they’re supposed to (the real world economy is far more complex so they make mistakes, also they deal with real money, so the temptation for corrupt behavior is great).

If there is a unbalance, there wil be a change by the devs, I’m sure. And since they oversee the whole matter they will realize if something is going wrong there. But for now, let’s build up an economy (which may take weeks or even months) and then let’s see how it develops. Also keep in mind that coins by leveling will still be a thing after lvl 50, so there is never a point of falling to zero coins permanently, even when playing as a hermit on a solo world (rented server, which come later)

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It wasn’t an issue before IF you played along by joining large community of portal runners. I think the same will be true here. I do see cubits beings an issue though but not for a lack of trying but rather it’s just not smoothed out just yes. I think it will be ok.

Hey, what about daily feats? Don’t they have a reward in coins?