The Current Worlds and You!

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This thread is explaining the planet you live on, so that someone who wants to go to another can sorta catalog this.




This is a really good idea thank you!, I think we should keep this up.

what up all siethy here from solum

Epsilo - Moon of Solum.

somewhat alike to solum, however the landscape can be incredibly morphed, there are large deposits of gold gleam on the surface, occasionally you can find insanely large clumps of ore.

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Berlyn : vast dessrts to in the north with scrub lands, forests, plains, and marshes in the south. Lots of basic resources. I never did find any gold tho.

Nasharil - Ring Planet of Berlyn.

before you read any further, this planet is incredibly hard to survive on and should only be visited with many tools and cooked foods.
Incredibly harsh terrain, lots and lots of lava, there are structures, temples with a single gleam lantern in the middle (blue) graveyards that have many graves and each grave can possibly contain raw gleam (blue) this planet is home to sapphire and it’s very rare, the amount of fossils in caves is overwhelming, I found nearly 200 in a 10 minute mine trip, lots of large, medium and tons of small fossils. I’ve found tech components quickly, particularly when I was mining for fossils, there aren’t that many normal ores, I saw maybe 5 or 6 coal total.


Nasharil is the Ring Planet of Berlyn I believe (US West)

oh right, makes sense, let me change that (good catch)

Could somebody make a screenshot with each world like full moon in sky?