The day that Boundless BROKE! - Video footage of a crazy bug!

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Hello Oorthanites (?) I hope everyones week is going great, nearly over the hump!

Last week a very strange thing happened on Serpensarindi, a mass amount of creatures spawned and it was epic. When I say mass… I mean maaasss…ive… Hundreds of creatures everywhere with no Meteors!

You know somethings wrong when Roadrunners start running into you!

Hope you enjoy this footage, it is definitely rare stuff! (Has this ever happened to you?)


I have seen this happen on Serpensarindi before too, many times when I had it settled a while back. I am not sure if it is a glitch, Serpensarindi spawns larger than normal monster packs. That is why I hunt there :-p


This is incredible. XD I would have the time of my life fighting such a hoard.


Oh yeh its my favourite spot to hunt too, lots of flat land and Cobalt too :smiley: But this is a confirmed glitch :slight_smile:

It was amazing, surprising didn’t die as much as I thought I would :joy:

So nobody has any idea how to trigger this? This only happened one time that you know of?

OMG! Please leave this glitch in the game. Or something very similar to it. That looks ridiculously fun!

Just make it a timed event or some kind of mega-meteor. Maybe make it a special Dev power. A Dev could use some kind of universe shout. “The gods are angry and have enraged the local wildlife.” – something to that effect. Then give the planet and coordinates and watch as the carnage unfolds.


That would be quite a cool event, but it’s too similar to meteors, some of which can be massive! I like the sound of the Dev Power :joy:

Planet co ordinates at the to of the players screen for a limited hunt event/world boss would be amazing!! But somewhat problematic having everyone on the same planet OR missing out because the planet is already capped. Maybe something for the future!

that happened to us in early accses. turns out building a portal at a cirtant altitude broke the spawn rate. it was pretty fun and I swear that’s where the devs got the idea for meteors.

now everyone start bugging @Scratchnwiff to start making vidios agean. :smiling_imp:

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Some people know how to trigger it and apparently it can work everywhere on any planet. They have been asked by the devs to not make it public. I was there the last time when they showed it to james in-game. And yes, it is seriously fun!

They really should add something like it in the game!

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Ah, so it sounds like that bug is still around then. Makes sense.

Monster stampedes would happen like this all the time when I built on Serpensarindi. My partner and I had to rethink our build philosophy because of it because we kept getting killed by Spitter swarms outside our front door. We just assumed it was normal for T5 planets.

However, our closest neighbor at that time was this hermit dude who was building an underground bunker in the mountain next to us (I kept winding up inside his fortress when sanctum teleporting from mining): he had no entrances to his place except a portal at the very top of the mountain that linked to the Portal Seekers hub. I wonder if his portal was triggering it.


Ah that’s amazing, that guy sounds awesome! Shame he isn’t making videos anymore :confused:

That looks like an epic amount of fun. +1 for asking the devs to make a mechanic/event out of it!

Btw, @Ovis… How did you manage to get the camera ‘fly-over’ footage in parts of your video? Has the game got a hidden photomode or are you just really really good with keeping the camera steady during a grapple swing? :smiley:

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It really was! I temporarily changed my camera distance in the camera settings files - extremely un playable, but great for getting ariel footage. I’d love a photomode/replaymode :smiley:

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Nice trick. Very effective and adds a unique touch to your videos!

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I was curious how you did that! So this is a game file setting? How would one access this file to change it?

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@C0ND1T10NR3D Thank mate, glad you like it :slight_smile:

@PendragonTheNinja Yeh its a setting you can change in the game files just copy and paste this on into your start menu:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Boundless\assets\archetypes

Then chose ‘camerasettings’ then change the Z value to 25 :slight_smile: