The Essence Dealer (Shop)!

Hello Everyone!

So for all you essence lovers (and marble makers) out there, I am writing this post to announce the opening of the newest essence shop around!

Selling and buying prices are subject to change :smiley:

Ancient essence 3.9c
Fresh essence 3.4c

Hide: 1.7c
Floatation Sac: 10c
Raw meat: 1c
Cuttletrunk trophy: 43.5c
Tallow: 0.5c
Mantle: 4.5c

The shop is within walking distance from the Beckon Aqua Hub (West of it following the main road) and from the Coal, Fuel, & Metals Shop (South East from it like 10m).

The coal shop can be reached from:

  • PS Biitula Hub East side first ring left side
  • Aqua Hub on Beckon
  • Ultima Eresho Shopping Hub East side (behind row of trees)
  • DSK Galaxy on Pheminorum
  • The Hunt Hive (West side) first ring left of stairs
  • Red-GAr Portal Hub
  • Tiggersville Hub
  • Doom 101 Shop in Duskmoor on Pheminorum
  • Fire Lotus on Alder


Note: Due to time limitations, this shop might last just until the essence stock is sold or it might continue if time helps.


Fresh vital completely sold out before i could get there.

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I have a huge workshop that can keep up with the demand if only people flooded the baskets the way they stormed the shopstands xD.


I left one shop stand untouched! Rest was me, sowwies :smile:

I made four runs, lol. Also sold ya some stuff Redy!


Much appreciated! :smiley: Please sell me more people. I don’t have time to hunt xD.

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