The flora of Oort

I think that the flora is an important thing in videogames and especially in sanbox games. Besides the normal flowers,grass and ferns I would suggest usefull and dangerous flora.
Some plants could be bouncy while others could be climbed. I really like the idea of bomb flowers that can be picked up and thrown like in TloZ.
Then there could be dangerous plants like poison ivys or flesh eating flowers.
The different plants could be used in crafting too.
I really hope the devs consider adding different flora in the game :slight_smile:

Your thoughts?

no idea. but atm they are as neat as you get them

also on flowers. i dont like flowers… i play alot of evolve and i have bad memories of flowers…

Flowers are evil. thats why I like them
never trust flowers…

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The most evil flower of all :

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One time I meditated about soporific poppy flower. It may have very interesting gameplay effect

I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals, I just hate plants!