The Forge, now open. Selling Forged Tools!

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Hey everyone!

I’ve started a completely new shop in Diverse City called The Forge.
I’m mostly focusing on hammers, newbie tools & healing bombs at the moment, but will expand to other tools soon!

Currently Stocked:

Tier 1+2 Hammers (Durability + Speed)
Tier 3 Hammers (Durability + Speed)
Tier 4 Hammers (Durability OR Speed)
Tier 6 Hammers (Durability OR Speed)

Mega Heal bombs
Newbie tools (grapple, regen bomb, hammer, loot stick)

If you have any feedback, please let me know!

You can find the shop at Diverse City (TNT Sochaltin or Ultima Sochaltin), there’s a portal just left of the Green hallway.


Woot! Was hoping someone would beat me to building a newbie forged shop. Now it’s less of a priority for me to :joy:

A lot of forges i used to frequent either moved or closed, idk can’t find them lol. I’ll have to check out your store sometime!

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I honestly already can’t keep up with demand. I had it open for a while but didn’t really advertise it, and my tier 6 hammers are often gone so fast.

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Yeah forged tools are often popular, i enjoy the forging system, but i also don’t care if my tools aren’t 100% of what i was targeting, so long as they are good enough to get the job done lol.

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I specifically set up a system to make myself stress less, where if a tool doesn’t hit my target, instead of destructing and starting over, i’ll just sell them at a cheaper price.

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Awesome glad to see a new shop.


Tier 1 Hammers (Durability+Speed)
Tier 6 Hammers (Durability OR Speed)

nice, new emty shop :stuck_out_tongue:

What are your prices. Beings your selling out so fast, may need to raise the price a bit. Sounds like 1 person is buying everything, with no one else getting a chance at buying at all. I normally forge my own tools these days. They are no where perfect, but they get the job done. Just a suggestion of raising the prices some. Good luck, glad your making that coin