The foundation of the castle is done - #4


Back with gameplay video #4! If you listen real close, you may hear the new banger provided by Miley Cyoortus! It is true! She is a special guest today for a very brief moment!

In other news, I have managed to more or less complete the foundation of the castle. We may add a room or two down the line, but other than that, it’s almost at it’s final form!

Feel free to leave a like or comments, any feedback is good feedback!



This is mind blowing to me, the way you envision the story of life in the castle as you build, and how you can see it so clearly when the walls aren’t there yet! Very creative and inspiring. Keep 'em coming! :heart:

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:heart: Thank you! I am so happy someone finds inspiration from what I do! I lost the touch for a second during the second episode but it has come back big time! Lots of what I do is really just going back and forth with ideas. And in general, if you are not happy with it, you should probably not go on with it.

There is still lots to be done and I can’t wait for the main parts to be complete. I wanna get to the decorative part, when the build hopefully really comes alive!

Then all we need is oortians (like minecraft villagers) to roam the streets! Hint hint Monumental


If you’d like any cool hookups for portals to Feather Falls on Kol Huroo please gimme a shout <3 love the vids!


I actually have a portal (my only portal) to Ultima Feather Falls :ok_hand: it’s great because I find myself at FF quite often anyway now, especially when editing the videos! :sweat_smile: @AlexxChristo


Really loving this video format. Very digestible and not long winded but full of content/story. Enjoyed watching your videos and looking forward to your next one! :blush:


I quite often find myself skipping ahead if there is too much unstructured live commentary, so I try to avoid it myself. I personally like the balance it brings to have both together with short montages with just music inbetween. Appreciate the feedback! Means a lot!

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