The future of farms

the future of farms will be relocated below the mall!
thanks to Izzabell from VALHALLA for giving me the same idea! :heart:

the old portals will move today to the new area

i did my best xD

i will also add all farms to this post later!

access from the center of the mall

the farms currently available!


I’m a big fan of the silty farm you have going on. Is there a plan for a peaty soil of similar proportions in the future? Or do you know of a particular peaty spot? I’ve got an itch to compress lots of peat. Cheers.

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The plan is there to add peat… just peat is such a hard one to find in decent size but yeah the new farm portal area had me distracted from searching any further, but I will this week and see what I can find


Hello Ross! If the itch is too badly and You want a quick solution and color doesn’t matter… my family has two peat farms of good size, maybe not as big as HOST’s silty farm but indeed very useful. Fastest access is through TNT Hub at HUB-section. Is called BK HUB and then watch out for the peat farm portal on the east side of the HUB.

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Valhalla also has a nice sized peat farm
You could check that out as well

Or bobs farms at TNT farm area

Just a couple to check and see what you like most :+1:


So I spent a bunch of my playtime in HOST today.

:blush: I mean, on HOST, sorry. Or whatever. Under the surface of a sovereign world which happens to have the name of HOST. It was moist in HOST but I expected that, I was there to dig at some growth. In @HOST’s Growth farm. On HOST. I hope that’s all making sense for you by now but if not, just be warned about the sort of thing you might find trying to farm materials in THE FUTURE.

Anyways …

It’s a nice little farm, a T1 growth farm a couple of plots under water and with a sweet spot where you can 3x3 through the entire width. I did burn up some of my scrappy T1 titanium shovels here today and a sapphire, then one of the topaz shovels on display. I ran into @HOST and signed up to use the local minter, too.

After I was done I decided to do a little profitability check, especially since I had done the first part of my visit without the durability drain epic (:scream:)

I bought a shovel for 5999c. They’re just what you need, right now there are still 32 here, most or all forged by May.

I had one bag of regen bombs left and it had 3 durability :smirk:. I bought two more for the local price of 777c each. If you forget your bombs there’s another 100+ bags here right now.

I’ve been doing this for a little bit so I don’t want to dawdle. I’m throwing in a starberry pie and a Mega Fast I brought, too. This puts me at 5999 + 1554 + 500 + 59 = 8112c spent.

The first time I had to stop and mint, I just zeroed my coins to the guild bank so I wouldn’t have to log anything, and started minting. Look I brought a wrench :stuck_out_tongue:

I managed to finish the shovel in the time of a single fast brew, with a max dex shovel build. I mean, within seconds of each other. I could have probably done my minting mid-session a little faster, but be warned the shovel will harvest more than one inventory full of growth.

At the end I had 17220 coin from the minter, and about half a bag of bombs left. So I slightly more than doubled my coin, with the growth. Now all I have is twice as much money, and almost exactly two stacks of shimmering orbs.

You can calculate from the pic that this stack of orbs mints for 6048c in a fully coiled minter. That’s another 150% profit but the orbs should sell easily for more than that. If you don’t need them like I do for making forge ingredients and blocks and whatever else.

So since it’s only hitting growth, the starberry and speed brew don’t really change anything about the numbers, they just trade a little more cost for speed and you can see here I was still able to double my money, and also walk away with the orbs, in roughly 15 minutes.

I highly recommend this farm for anyone who needs some shimmers or just wants a nice, efficient farm for grinding some growth. There are a couple of other shimmering orb farms here (3 in total) but today I only used this one :grin:


first of all thank you so much bro for such a nice reply and feedback! :heart:

it seems everyone wants a bit of Playtime in/on HOST in/on THE FUTURE
its moist indeed 8x8 blocks of moist to be exact
i hope my growth pleased you well.

highly possible yea

i still have more on side but yeah the price might be higher than most shovels you will find
but i buy them in huge quantity spending millions of coins on shovels and bombs so there needs to be a little profit for me for the loss in 1 go, and of course the profit you make while farming is that little coin you spend on the shovels or bombs is nothing and it helps me to keep the farms stocked too


thanks for the guide /explanation mate :fist_right: :fist_left:


Can confirm this method too really good way to Farm and make Profit at all.
Keep Up this great Work @HOST

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thanks a lot mate i’m glad people love using it, makes it worth it!
thanks for the kind words :love_you_gesture:


@HOST. Your farms are the best buddy, thank you for all your help to the community!



a new farm has been added to the ‘‘future of farms’’ i had this on hold for a while but decided to work on it today! its not yet fully finished but usable :slight_smile: enjoy!


a new gleam farm has been added, its still a little work in progress (roof) but its ready to be used!
makes a total of 5 gleam farms on the future of farms.

access point from TNT gleam hub and the FUTURE MALL


sweet bean farm opened!

enough for everyone, i will add more portals there for farming


sedi rock farm added!

these are all current farms available


Now I’m just waiting for the sand farm

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There is a 3x5 sand farm on valhalla

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I have already found a good one I’m just teasing him

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nice, saves me from making one :+1:

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Nah I’m still waiting on u because u still have to do one so I don’t have to waste 5mins just trying to go from silty farm to sand farm

now i was teasing you…