THE FUTURE Sovereign Oortmas snow meteor hunts! ❄️

now that I got your attention….

I know its still early, but time goes fast, ill edit the post when the time comes. I like to plan early

when the Oortmas event kicks in, the future of farms will close for a couple of hours before a hunt is taking place.
the portals will have a door with a lock so the snowball hunt event can be held.
this is to prevent meteor triggering when the region exp is used…

the plan is to close the region exp portals roughly 2 hours before
then reopened when the hunt has ended.

this will be a daily thing until the Oortmas has ended.

interested in hosting your own snowball meteor hunt in/on the future? sure you can!
just communicate to me what your plans are and we can schedule a timeframe.

of course more information on our discord






The T in Host is for trolling :joy:


Ah all good, exploring a planet achievement can wait another day.

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This is a great idea, I for sure will host a few hunts using your regions if that’s okay!


@RedY3 looool xD i would never …

@QuimbyBoundless you could still O_o

@JaceyLive you definitely can!

Just wanted to say a massive thank you. I used your Future of Farms region xp and leveled up a lot. And double thank you for having teaching pies available to purchase at the farm. I can’t make them yet and it was so nice to be able to buy some to get double xp. So thank you very much.

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Why would you make a post about your farms closing and it’s not what the topic says?
I was like nooooo not host farm closing and when I read it, your farms are not closing.


Because host is the biggest joker in the game lol :joy:


Truer words were never put into font. :stuck_out_tongue:
You have to be careful around Host. And also understand he never means ill. I was warned before I even met him. LOL

Even so, I too panicked when i first saw this post.

“Now that I got your attention”.

I wanted to stomp over to where he was and bean him with marshmallows. No … MELTED marshmallows. Then dust him with cocoa powder.

So I’ll thank Host too for NOT closing down your farms.

Remember, I’m watching you wicked grin


we are nearing the Oortmas!

and we will be hosting a good amount hunts!
75% of all meteor hunts will be live streamed :slight_smile:

if you would like to host your own hunts at the future sovereign PLEASE reach out to me :slight_smile:
I will need to give YOU the hunt leader access to the doors

start at door 1 and the meteor will spawn. when done warp back then go to region 2 then 3 etc
it will be easy if you save the region xp area so you can just warp back :slight_smile:

as i mentioned before, the region XP doors will close a couple of hours before the hunt starts. while the event lasts
those that are part of THE FUTURE sovereign and have a base behind each region door will be given door perms to go to their base.


Will the Oortmas meteors fall in sovereign worlds? The announcement specifies it will happen in the Known Worlds but I’m not entirely sure what that means.


I picked this particular quote to respond with, as it may be of some interest to @HOST.

They have in the past - but apparently portal hopping may not be very effective. @bucfanpaka still helping us out.


@cjmarsh they should yes

And @Nightstar yea saw bro I do remember portals working back then …let’s see how it goes and if on foot it’s only a few feet away :smile:


Great use for the planet during the event!

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feel free to join us bro! or host hunt yourself :slight_smile:


Will have to come do a proper christmas hunt!

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