The game is just trying to kill me

I was building a “pipeline” out of half-slabs from a refinery on Kovah to a pumping station. As I worked my way along building the vertical sides, creeping with my back against a finished wall, the game kept making the “chunk, I’m killing you” noise, and my health dropped. Multiple times the game flashed “respawn at home” and then changed its mind, restoring me to non-death, but with a lower health bar. I wasn’t falling, I wasn’t grappled, I was just placing vertical half-blocks.

I don’t think the game liked that too much. It might be a variation on my other ticket where working on stairs built with half-slab landings was causing me to lose health.


Did you stand in a corner when you got hurt? It also happens when I build roofs out of wood blocks and stairs too.

The organic blocks wont hurt you, but the solid blocks like wood slabs, blocks, and stairs will.

Was it something like this?

i had already made a video about it

This happens to me so much…

I wasn’t always in a corner but all those experiences look very similar to what I’ve seen.