The Grappling Hook

Hi there, just wanted to share with you all the Grappling Hook :slight_smile: , a Maya screen shot of course. We are all looking forward to the time when it gets put in game :smile:


This is great!!!, I’m looking forward to that too!!

That looks very good! I like that!

Awesome! Keep up the good work :heart_eyes:

Stop teasing us let us test these things already :sob::sob::sob:

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Yepp, teasing slowly but surely gets mean! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … How’s about a big update for the client soon? Let’s say that the 1st anniversary at the end of July sounds like a good date for it, doesn’t it? :blush:


Very Cool!

Love it! I also love the function. Any update on plans to nerf it or not to?


I love the design too! Somehow I’m crazed by the thought of having a grappling hook which is like a staff in length for be wielded with both hands.
Made a little drawing :sunny:


That would be horribly impractical though wouldnt it? i mean if you can have it in one hand why would you want to have it in 2?

Come on now Zouls. If he/she wants a two handed grappling hook,let them have it.

Not saying they cant, just saying it would be horribly impractical.

one thing i really like about the idea of grappling hook is how damn hard it must be for the arms, they must be buff as hell the races who can use it. that or the lease absorbs all of the weight.

Nobody tell @Zouls that you can use a grapple hook in EVERY slot at the same time… shh!

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i just cant imagine it being easy to hang on to a bit stick and at the same time gain enough momentum to keep swinging, but fair enough, its a matter of opinion xD

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Ya I agree with ya there, but eh

There just no need to tell him/her that,let them have a dream.

Nonsense, nobody dreams quite like zouls. Y’all see a guy with lots of opinions, I see a guy who knows exactly what he wants.

I meant Bokke,let him dream of a two handed grappling hook

Not quite sure if im getting complimented or insulted shrug