The Great Schism of The Illuminoorti (short Story)

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Part 1


Brothers and Sisters we must unite if we must survive against the wrath of the Illuminoorti otherwise we will fall…
-The last words of High Architect Del’nari of the Great Schism Movement before he passed away

It was a cold day in the City of Delnaris and Ki’ma was sitting in the Gardens of Kra’mare, when she noticed the statue that stood in the center of the park and headed over to read the bronze plaque that adorned the statues pedestal.
Here stood the Great Del’nari when he declared Independence from the Illuminoorti. As she started to read the plaque she started to think, who was this Del’nari, curious she set off to find one of the City Elders and ask what they know of the strange statue.

On her way to the City’s Elder District, she bumped into one of the many Preachers, crying out to the masses to join the Chisel Masons, trying not to meet his gaze he grabbed her by the arm and started to ramble about the light of the Oort, before he suddenly let go and apologised and stopped looking at her and just ignored her complaints and questions. weird’ed out Ki’ma continued on despite being quite shaken by the Preacher. she continued on her path bumping into farmers hauling in there goods, traders selling raw Wildstock meat and more preachers avoiding her gaze.

When Ki’ma finally reached the Elder’s District, she was shocked to find a large group of city guards trying to halt a group of protesters from attacking the Elders. Ki’ma wasn’t quite sure why they were upset at the Elders? But that thought was pushed to the back of her head when all the protesters stopped what they were doing and moved out of her way making a path into the District.

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Part 2


Today we stand here as brothers and sisters against our opponent, today we must stand together and drive our enemy from our homes
-The High Architect Del’nari’s proclaimation of independece from the Illuminoorti

As Ki’ma walked through the Elder District, questions were racing through her head, why were the Preachers avoiding her gaze, why did all the protesters stop what they were doing and make a path for her, who was Del’nari? Feeling uneasy Ki’ma stopped by a well to take a sit and splash her face with some cool water.

Just then Alek’sa, the city’s oldest Elder slowly walked up beside Ki’ma and sat down, too tired to talk and scared of what the answers to her questions will be Ki’ma sat there in silence. Just then Alek’sa asked Ki’ma, what she wanted to ask, startled at how Alek’sa knew she wanted to ask a Question, Ki’ma then asked how Alek’sa knew that she wanted to ask a question. Alek’sa then replied with “I can see it in your face, you are curious about something, otherwise you would not have come here”. As she said that ki’ma sucked up the courage to ask her questions.

As she started to speak the Elder just sat there listening, before answering with “ah, i have not seen that statue since I was a young girl, that statue was placed there long before I was born, to commemorate the actions of the High Architect Del’nari, he was a savior, a blessing from the Oort he came and helped us break free from the Illuminoorti and founded the Church of the Chisel Masons”. even more curious then before Ki’ma asked " who were the Illuminoorti and why did he have to help ask break free from them?" Alek’sa thought about this before answering with “I fear that you are still to young to hear this story and it is really long and bloody and you must be off to go see your parents, young girl before they get worried sick”, Ki’ma upset replied with " but i’m not a young girl i’m twelve years old", “of course you are Ki’ma but you still must go home it is getting late” and with that, Alek’sa got up and slowly made her way back to the centre of the district and Ki’ma feeling tired from the long day, made her way back home and to bed, wanting to go to the Elder’s District tomorrow.

Hope you all enjoyed Part 2, stay tuned for Part 3
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Part 3


In due time all things must fall
-High Lord Laza’russ of the Illuminoorti

It had been three years since Ki’ma first visited her Great-Grandmother and while Ki’ma was now fifteen, she still hadn’t been told much by Alek’sa, Ki’ma had been invited along side her family to accompany the caravan as it travelled to Nec’rosis, the final resting place of her city’s people, a large temple dedicated to death its caverns going far beneath the surface. Ki’ma had been invited due to the fact that Alek’sa’s health was failing fast and so her closest family was chosen to join in the ceremonies. ki’ma had stayed by her Great-Grandmothers side the whole journey, as they started to near the sacred temple, Alek’sa called for Ki’ma who came quickly into her Great-grandmothers caravan, asking “why do you call me at such an early time of day”, Alek’sa coughing started to tell Ki’ma how Del’nari came from the frozen North clad in a cloak of white fur and a mask of pure gold, coming with many gifts, and how he was banished form the Guild before returning with his followers, but before Alek’sa could finish she drifted into death, in tears Ki’ma laid her head on to her Great-Grandmothers bed, she stayed there for what felt like hours, and just as quickly they were leaving her Great-Grandmothers funeral, Ki’ma barely saw the ceremonies, hiding behind her hair like a shield, however she did glance up to see Alek’sa’s body being carried into the depths of the temple to be laid with her ancestors. later that night, the rain was beating down on Alek’sa’s caravan and Ki’ma sat on the bed looking out the worn-out window when she noticed on the bed side table that there was a parcel with a note on it, Ki’ma grabbed the parcel seeing her name on the note she unwrapped the package and found a thick, leather wrapped book with a metal buckle that kept the book closed, golden writing reading A Chronological Account of The City of Delnaris, curious Ki’ma opened the book and started reading the first page being a disclaimer how there was many gaps in the history of the city, bored of all that Ki’ma skipped to the first proper page and started reading, sitting and reading through the whole night.

hope you all enjoyed Part 3,
sorry for the long gap, feel free to suggest ideas


Woah, I haven’t even officially opened recruitment to the Illuminoorti Guild, and already not only is there fan fic, but we’ve already got a detailed history and a schism on the books! I love it! Moar, moar!



We might need a pyre as craftable item. Iron maiden could be a nice machine to craft too.

I feel like this game is going in the right direction, but the community… well some things just can’t be explained.

Thanks glad you like it part 2 will probably be out in a day or two, feel free to suggest ideas for me to use.

that is an amazing GIF love it

your wish for moar! has been granted Part 2 is now out


ok guys PART 3 is now out YEAAAAAAAA!!!