The Harvest Era Comes to Boundless - Farming is here!


And now that these new features are just now available… UMBRIS EXO APPEARS! :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, oh, you know what a fun mad rush that is going to be when it happens! :smile: I’m going to be obsessively peeking up at the sky when I’m on later. I think we might well reduce the first one to mantle… :rofl:


anyone find exotic yam bulbs on any other planet then circa?


what planet did you find them on?


Just on circa so far. Knowledge tab says only t4 planets.


From what I am hearing the exotic yam bulbs are more rare then feathers.


Thank you very much Dev-team for all this great work you have done lately
:clap: :clap: :grinning:
And now let us all enjoy this marvelous game again :+1: :+1:
and be :boundless:
Happy farming an building to you all…


I believe I picked up over a dozen of them in less than a half hour. Took the PS gateway to circa then went north from there, avoiding other players.


Yea i had a friend there and the planet says for exotic yam bulbs is 0.01%


Just a heads up. Don’t bother putting damage on the liquid breaker. It’s a waste. Damage goes to 0.


Did you find them on Circa??? Been running around for a while now, found waxy ones tho, but not exotic.
Also less than 0.01%??

Is that really correct? Time to add a zero to my persisting pies…


I created a forum post about it


Can anyone on testing tell my why water in the wild looks like this:

Uploading: image.png…

and when I place it in my base it looks like this:

Does it ever change to the wild look? lol it looks so much better in the wild haha


Not sure if the wild water image loaded, here is another:

curious why it is not loading the same…or if it ever will?


Now we just need someone to spray some WD-40 on the rusty EXO generator so we can go get some goo & resin :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


There is a per world reflection plane, typically y=64, so unless you build at that level it wont reflect.


I’m imagining it is going to be Black Friday, Boundless-style… :wink: We’ll rush the door, trample each other, and strip the shelves bare in no time, muahahaha!


Can I buy one from you?


water only has a reflection on a cretin elevation for technical reasons.

edit: oops already answered :crazy_face:


was wondering if you guys added tutorial ques ts for the farming