The Harvest Era Comes to Boundless - Farming is here!


If I’m remembering the patch notes correctly, they did add objectives for farming, as well as a wood tiller to break in the newbies


If anyone is having trouble finding them, here’s a quick mini-vid on finding combustion kernels & particles


I was gonna come in here and throw a bunch of hate on the update, but then I realised my house made it to the cover photo!!! All is forgiven, woohoo!


what are the conditions I need to get water to flow into an alts beacon


Has anyone found kindling yet? It seems it may just be on exos, with goo and the new fluids


One question though, was removing stack forging supposed to be a thing?

Because it will really suck to forge topaz and amethyst now haha


I guess it needs it be same settlement and alignment to the same guild.


I pinged james in the other post, hoping to get a answer on that because I didnt see it in update notes. so hoping a bug.


@SamF I noticed a familiar build in the artwork :eyes:


MFW: image


cant ya take the alt and place source where it need continue?


I was so exited for this patch until I saw must blocks looking werid now… Example: Iron Ore, Iron Bar, white Marble OMG this one… (marbe is the weird ceilling I have now…) Every setting at maximum with a High end PC.


All I see are Liquid Breaker, and Solidifier.


My prayers have been answered.

So… Both of them are essentially used for the removal of liquids, no? Is there really much reason to use Solidifier over Liquid Breaker? Maybe I’m misunderstanding the uses.


Soldifier for lava and water means you can walk on them! Breaker means you can harvest into your inventory and take it somewhere to place it.

Hope that helps!


Solidifier is useful when you need to cross lava field. It will be VERY useful for Exo journeys and mining in dangerous areas.
Also it makes hard materials from the rare liquids. Both the liquid and solid form are needed for high end farming.
Primordial resin turns to Amber
Petrolim turns into something … I forgot the name :wink:

Liquid breaker is to pick the liquids, but does not help much in traveling over.


it becomes Bitumen


I see, I see… I guess I was only thinking of mining. I suppose the Solidifier would be great for crossing lava oceans. Nice.


Guys! You heard us, and the water doesn’t look like someone left the clear pool cover on! :smiley:

…is the oorum wheat gluten free? :rofl:

Anyway, congrats on your newest milestone, and great work!


Also the water changes to the ice for that planet. So for planets that don’t have ice naturally you can now get it. @PendragonTheNinja


That’s weird it won’t turn to ice if planet doesn’t have ice? If reading it right. The snowball fight event made ice and glacier spawn on lower worlds. Figured solidifier would work too


I think it was a typo, should read 'So for planets that don’t have ice naturally, you can now get it.