The Harvest Era Comes to Boundless - Farming is here!


Yup it was a typo. At work so multitasking. Sometimes I end up with spelling errors or forget to put a word in. :joy::sweat_smile:


Finally on my way home from work to check out the update :smiley: Thanks to all the devs and a double thank-you to the players who gave up their time for testing so the rest of us can enjoy a smooth launch, love your work.


In one second, I stopped liking everything I was building. Thank you developers, now I will not extend the Glim club. Let everything disappear.

Well done to those who loved the bright buildings. Infringed on those who loved the dark buildings. All demolish? Build from the beginning? Is it serious? No, thanks


I liked it because I can relate. Not because it’s a good thing :sweat_smile:


I have noticed the gleam signage have this line after the update. I have not noticed this before the update. Can anyone confirm if this has always been there?


i have seen this as well after update so you are not wrong.


So…after harvesting a crop should some blocks not be tilled anymore???


Yes have a chance to untill.


Okay I thought I was going crazy lol


The line was there before the update in glen . It’s not new


Sorry :neutral_face: dame iPhone.

The line was there before the update in gleam signage all my windows are gleam signs .
it seems to favour the second and third sign from the side


Really? I was sure to have not seen it before the update - is there a way to fix it by replace the signage?


I’m not sure :thinking: but I’m sure the dev can do something if you ask nicely.


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