The Highest Honor Objective

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Hey there,

i am the Viceroy of Xa Frant now for about two days but the Objective won´t complete. Looks like there is something wrong with it. I tried to re enter the Town and Planet but it just wont Trigger the Quest. Its not like i need the coin or xp, but i would like to have my Objectives complete.


I’ll add this to the bug database. In the meantime, just to confirm, is ‘Kagenokami’ the name of your character here?

Also, is there any other information that you can provide regarding the settlement here? For example:

  • Can you recall anything you were doing 2 days ago when you became the Viceroy?
  • How many players were part of the beacon and did they contribute to building?
  • What was the previous capital city (if applicable)?

And anything else that may be of interest.


Is it actually a settlement or a single beacon? I found to get Viceroy and that achievement I needed to do two beacons and join them to form the settlement and then it registered.

The second beacon only needed one plot and to exist, didn’t seem to need to hit 10k prestige.


Yes, Kagenokami is my main character.

I was just building as i got Viceroy. There are 3 people involved in my beacons, at least if it comes to building, but i made about 80-90% of it. The previous capital city was Las Vegas. Its a Portal Seekers town.

And i have 3 beacons in the town, my main beacon with about 1,1 million Prestige, a community workshop with about 200k and a beacon i just started together with Alduin with also about 200k.


Hey, have something that will be nice to know for you. The objective just triggered as i went through a portal to a hamlet of a friend thats also on Xa Frant. So its completed now.


Rename the settlement…that’ll pop the achievement


Ah yes I forgot that happened to me too - had to travel back into the new beacon once for it to register. (For any future readers.)