The Hive wants your Oort! 450k +

Have a basket full at the Hive. Increased the price 10c each.

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Wait so it’s 10c you’re buying at or you upped your normal buy price by 10c

Increased by 10.

More than normal. But Why?

I only asked because there’s plenty of people that have buy baskets at 0c or 1c with no real buy baskets. And I don’t even know what your normal but price is/was. As I’m sure others are in the same boat.

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Go check it out. Reasonable price.

By 10 each? What was it at before/now?

and what would The Hive need my Oort for? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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Darn, sneaky Hive, invading other games!


I try not to announce competitive prices on the forums.

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That’s fair. Could you PM it to me, though? I don’t sell or buy any, but I’ve just had limited option to get on the PC of late.