The invisible threat

This report is based on interviews with victims and personnal observations of the phenomenon.


First Encounter : Shoved in the Lake

A first report was sent by a famous mall owner. A strange force pushed her away while she was working on her lastest project. Luckily, the force pushed her toward the water, and she wasnt hurt.

Second Encounter : Killing Strike

This second encounter had many witnesses, of which I am one. The following is my recounting of the event. My friends and I were hosting a big hunting party on Delta Cancret. Everything was going as usual; we were traversing the lands, fighting off the monsters the meteors were sending on us.
After a few meteors, we hit a swamp area were the latest meteor had just fallen. The group proceeded on, clearing the beasts protecting its lucrative core, as usual.

When the fighting was done, just as we opened the meteor to get to the inside, half the party was violently flung in all directions. Those who got pushed toward the meteor or the neighboring trees were immediately defeated.

As silence surrounded the area, the rest of the group started on bringing back their fainted comrades. People were even more dumfounded when they went for the prize they had just been denied, only to be thrown to their death a second time.

Now in a state of alert, the group saved those who fell again, then they all quickly left the area to continue the hunt.

Third Encounter : Failure and Proliferation

After the events that will later be called ‘‘The Delta Massacre’’, efforts were made to make the phenomenon appear or repeat, but to no success.

On another note, reports of events similar to the first encounter are coming in more and more, coming now from all known worlds.

Additionally, some citizens affirm hearing the faint sound of activated warp conduit sometimes when it’s quiet around them.

Questioning and Conclusion :

What could cause this phenomenon? Some natural occurance? Highly doubtful!
The author’s favourite theory is that we are facing a beast, capable of using the warp technology, and that it is either invisible or incredibly well camouflaged. Also, since most encounters happened on or near a body of water, it is most probably of aquatic nature and possesses immense physical strength.

It also seems to have some interest in harming our fellow citizens!

It is highly suggested that citizens be on high alert whenever they work near water.


I was there! I still have nightmares about it :cry:


i wasn’t at the delta massacre but i was pushed off a meteor during a hunt on delta! that strange force. if i ever encounter it again please make another fourth encounter

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I’ve also seen blocks “destroyed” by this invisible force, it will move you if you stand in one place on the meteor for too long (no visible wildstocks near by at all), and it favors flowing water when it goes in for the kill.


had an encounter. couldnt respawn and had encounter with predator. prize for dealing with it was luck. looked like a roadrunner with arms and legs. jammed the signal.

The invisible threat killed a bunch of us today on Delph exo. It roams freely, untamed.

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Today he lurked in the pit :crazy_face:


Hahaha awesome recording. You can see me getting snatched by the hands of death. Poor me.

Edit: @HABABAS BTW you can make a support post and use this video. Would be even better that we do it before the exo disappears in case a dev would like to go visit the area.


After seeing that video, I am never leaving my beacon again.


I sent the video to James. Hell, we should have save the coordinates! I got out of there as fast as i could!!!)

add: Last time it happened under exactly the same conditions-in a small ice pit. Could it be caused by the small area, the slide and the creature’s body?

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It’s just the devs messing with you all. They call it fishing for friends. They just fly at max altitude and use there “special” grapples to send you flying. They just pop a quick invisibility potion and flying pie. And they are off to the races… or fishing as it maybe.


I think i left the hunt near the area and i logged off there.

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The return of the beast

The courageous group of hunters were grappling across the mouldy hills of Delta Cancret, fighting off the monsters pouring out of the meteors that periodically fall on the planet.

The first few fights went smoothly and the loot was good, but it was about to change.

Right after crossing a lake, the group entered a rocky ice region where a meteor just landed. The fastest hunters started the fight while the rest of the group got into position.

After one or two wave, people started to get flung in all direction, screams of warning started

  • @MarinaraCane - the goats killed a bunch of people!!:scream:

  • @PrincessMaude - there is no goats…!!:scream:

  • elsioui - it’s the predator !!! :scream_cat:its back!!:scream:

When the monsters were finally pushed back, the survivors witnessed a brutal scene of massacre. On the other side of the meteor, fallen citizen were lying everywhere around a patch of clear ice.

When the healers started to bring back the fallen, every one of them that approached that clear patch of ice got pushed to his death by some villeannous force.

The group of hunters managed to bring back every fallen comrade by going around the trapped area and left the area promptly to continue their hunting.

One of the hunter managed to get a recording of an attack this time.

The mystery will be resolved


Maybe its the ghost of the dead wildstock you guys just slaughtered… :ghost:

Its the ghost of the ancient remains @georgegroeg found

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