The Joy of Discovery

So this is the newest Extra Credits And I think it might be worth talking about

I think that a strength for Oort is that all 4 of these are possible In OO


An exelent video. Great ideas indeed :smile

Nice, quite good.

personally for geographic discovery i have talked about randomly generated chests with items or just for fun over here (sorry to post own thread in yours)

this would encourage exploration in the sense that people will think ‘‘there might be a chest over this way’’ and you run off because they are worth the time (depending on how you make it ofc)

For narrative, i always kinda disliked the Darksouls games because they give you virtually nothing to work with, i know some games like that but its waay too hidden in my eyes for it to be fun, something i think would be cool was if the developers wrote stories about the world and then split them into notes we have to find, kinda like skyim books just not as many (cause they are quite hard to make) so for example a theory about the universe, split up into 20 different notes with som writing on each note, then people who are interested in the lore can go around looking for them.

somebody else also talked about how in the titan temples there could be stories written on the wall that explains some of the game universe. personally i would like to see the world unfold as you explore more and more about it, but i think we should be given a base sense of what the world is (which is already written on the site)

never the less, nice video :smile:

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I think that Geographic discovery means the exploration of the landscape itself
finding that cool looking mountain with the lava fall or the ravine shaped like a big smiley face or the cavern with the underground lake etc
I think loot chests would be more of a content discovery
this could be something that encourages those who may not enjoy PvE combat to go out and explore despite the dangers
if there are materials that cannot be found anywhere except in random loot chests whether it is whole special tools/weapons or unique/special materials that cannot be farmed/mined

Ah yes. misconception on that one, geographic discovery will not be a problem, we have loads, the biggest problem will come in the fact that the worlds are generated and not handcrafted, meaning that while you sometimes get lucky, most of the time the landscapes you find will tend to be mediocre, which is one of the weaknesses of that type of maps :smile:

It’s also a strength
hand crafted maps may have a higher concentration of great geography but they can never be more than finite
random/procedurally generated terrain may have fewer and further between “EPIC” features but they can ultimately have an unlimited number of them

I once watched someone ride a minecart from 0,0 to the farlands in Minecraft (it took 16 DAYS, 24 hours a day!) in a livestream on Twitch. Naturally I couldn’t have watched it all but I caught several hours of it and there was some truly EPIC terrain

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Not all treasures have to be in chests… it would be a simple matter to procedurally generate ruins, relics, or other rare valuables that could themselves be gathered by the player. If the game treats them much like mineral nodes, they would effectively redistribute themselves after being gathered and therefore provide endlessly re-discoverable fun.

Reading your idea about the notes and temple inscriptions, I could only think about player made books of said inscriptions.
Maybe even make them hieroglyphic so some translations could be a little bit different. And the interpretation would be up to the players (* _ *) I’d love that. I’d have such a huge library xD

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