The Last City of Oort [Concept]

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Hey guys,

Haven’t been very active lately. My wife gave birth 2 months ago and I’m constantly stuck between work and baby sitting, but I do get some free time every now and then to play around with building concepts and you can also find me in Chisel Town at The Lost Knight (building with pink roof).

Been working on a new city concept, this time something more alien and techy. Drawing inspiration from the Boundless crafting machines, I’ve been able to come up with a concept for a lost, ancient Oort city. If I ever get hold of hundreds of thousands of resources, I might make this happen, but it requires huge amounts of work.

Let me know what you think!



Very cool. What program did you use for to make this?

It’s called MagicaVoxel, it’s free and it’s awesome!

This is my ultimate goal, to recreate the last chapter of Hyper Light Drifter in Boundless, or atleast the final chamber. And your creation looks sooo similar

loving your concept, it is super cool and fits the game style as i have it in mind very well :smiley: (maybe, if you intend to build it, you should make it the district of a larger settlement, so it gets enough visitors to be seen and is populated :D)

I would get behind a project like that. Colors are a bit dark though.
Reach out to me if you move ahead with the project.

I love it! I hope you find time to build this.

Congratulations on the newest member to your family :grinning:

Never seen that, but I’ve seen this architecture style before, in many games I think. Regardless, I’m quite tired of medieval stuff, wanna get started on something more techy, ancient civilization kinda thing. But we need loads of expensive materials to make this happen. And I ain’t got tiiiimeee :frowning:

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As always Cosmin, you are the king of MV. Congrats on the growing your family. Way to go!
I like your theme and I’d certainly help build. How’s that no sleep going for ya!? :sleeping:

Heh thanks! In fact we do get sleep, but we get it pretty late. He goes to sleep around 1-2 am in the morning, wakes up at 4-5 for a feed, and then up again around 7-8. But it’s all good :smiley:

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I LOVE this idea! US East Beckon has tons of Black rock, not sure where the Hot pink/purple gleam is though. It looks super cool! :boundless::purple_heart:

Some updates and clearer renders :slight_smile:


Seriously nice design!!

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