The last episode before... #9

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… before I am done! (PS: you need to watch the video to know what I mean, unless someone spoils it :smiley:)

Anyway, Atuubio!

Hope you are all doing well both irl and in-game! I bring you another episode of the castle build and for the past 10 days I have been working on the interior! Due to work being very busy at this time of the year, I was not able to achieve all I had planned for this episode but the episode turned out alright (at least I hope you also think so!). It’s a bit different but it works! :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy!

Question of the day:
What is your favorite part of the castle so far?

Once again, thank you so much, my previous episode once again reached over 100 views, you guys are the best! :heart:

Have a wonderful weekend and may the Oortian gods bless you with luck and prosperity!



I always get inspired to build whenever I watch your videos. I’m not sure but probably you’re one of the reasons I started my settlement. :joy:

My favorite part before was the whole castle exterior itself. It just looks so good. But my favorite now is those little creative things you’ve done in the interior. I especially liked the idea of renting out rooms in your castle and using it for community activities. :blush:

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That makes me so happy to hear!

It’s crazy but it feels so cozy just running inside the castle now, it really feels so alive now! I am so eager to have it finalized!

And yes! I really hope it’s an idea that could work, where people can visit my town and see their “rank/role” in the community at Foolshope - and also be seen by others as they are part of events hosted for the community. Still need to think it through, but would love to host something in the future but myself I am not the person that builds in popular areas so I don’t really generate any income. This way I would be able to help newcomers etc!

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Yep! I know that feeling! When you turn off lighting epic, hud and walk at a normal speed and looks around at your place. You feel like “living” on your own little world thinking of stuffs happening there and stories that’s being made but alas, sadly you’re just on your own playing make believe. :joy: I really wish we could interact more with builds so people gather organically and liven up the place.

Those ideas look fun! When you do come around it, maybe it could include owned plots in the town so they can build their proper home. A room in a castle feels more like an office or work home. But what I hate to see are settlement with random building style so a rule on the building/color might be wise. :slight_smile:

Just daydreaming on a Sunday morning. :smile:

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Haha, yep, imagine if we had villagers like in mc running around the city doing tasks? Would be incredible! But I think some day that may be a thing, in the distant future!

And unfortunately I don’t want to give out plots I cannot control. The risk of it being either unfinished or not fit in the theme of the city is too great. Besides, I am only bouncing ideas that would be fun and could have an outcome that’s positive for the community. And also, if someone else builds something I cannot say the city is my creation because it would not be the case anymore. :sweat_smile:

I am however not opposed to the idea of having a collab city build with someone somewhere else, I think it would be cool. Maybe where several medieval building styles collide to a massive city.


Little update: managed to get some good hours in lately, guards quarter of the castle is done and started on the Kings quarter!

But next video will be something completely different, just something I wanted to try! So stay tuned! :grimacing::rofl: