The long awaited 2nd episode!

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After many agonizing minutes without a new episode, episode 2 is finally here!

Thank you for the great reception on the first episode! The comments and positive vibes really made my day(s) in the past week!

As last time, please give me feedback on anything related to the video! I do not know when new episodes come out but I edit as I got time and motivation! Also, let me know of places you think I should visit for inspiration!

Again, thank you!


Love this! The fact that you stopped and opted to tear down and rebuild the archway was great. Great in the sense that it was not what you wanted and opted to redo it. Trying to understand what a builder does to figure out what is next… seeing the bones of the idea, and your fleshing it out… gives me inspiration… thanks for putting this together and I look forward to the next episode.


Have you seen my Giant Cookie in the Sky yet (O~O) hehehehe

Can’t wait to see your castle when all is Finished Niegbor Boop!

Thank you! Those kind words mean a lot to me! It’s so rewarding once you go through the struggle and come out on top! The best part of games is to share experiences and ideas, I always go to others for ideas so happy if I can do the same! :slight_smile::slight_smile:

@BabyCookie I am not sure but let me know where to go! I have seen some screenshots of your creations and they are astonishing!


It’s Nice to see you building on T6 with me & NerArth -chan good to have neighbors as for my place you live on kol huroo you’ll see it in the Sky at some point leave it to Suprise lol

I’m not good at Tours hehehehe my place has a lot of unfinished probably change soon when I get plots again :cookie: :heart:

If you ever need help with anything I’m a planet away :laughing:


I think I see the cookie! @BabyCookie

Will come swing by one day when I pick up the right protection! :smiley: