The Material Shop (Build)


Here is my shop I built on Cephonex Merika, let me know what you think.


Looks nice, I’ll have to check it out in person when I get a chance.


I always come by for the excellent prices! And the fact it looks amazing of course


Nice! What are the coordinates?


I took a screen of your shop to send to see friend yesterday evening. Great work.

Edit: The shop is in the capital for the planet, Cuttletrunk Federation.


I wake up to this masterpiece every morning.i love the depths and volume to the walls, very unique. And the prices are great. It’s easy to get to, there’s 3 portals to the cuttletrunk federation in the Ultima Aqua HQ. Theres 2 in 9 main shoppers hub labeled " Cuttletrunk federation " on ground level and " The Material shop" on the 2nd level. And one more portal by the root of the tree in the personal hubs labeled " Zods Crafting" come visit, the city looks amazing


I like the straight form architecture and the backdrop is nice because it reminds me of the Fallout wastelands. I never shop that far away from home though :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the feedback guys! I’m starting another large build with a similar aesthetic. Will post when done!


I really like this. Impressive without being gaudy.


I’ve been there in my wanderings. Very nice place indeed!