The Material Shop

My shop has been open to the public for awhile now. Attached are images for pricing:

You can find a portal to my shop from the Ultima Hub, the Portal Seekers Gyosha Ophin Shop Hub and the Portal Seekers Biitula Shop Hub.

Please note that I am a one man team. I try my best to keep my shop stocked daily but when people buy 10 smart stacks at a time it may take me a bit to restock. Thanks!

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Thanks man bought a bunch of your stuff!

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Awesome thanks! I’ll be restocking, check back soon.

Shimmering orbs are 425 now?

I’ve been adjusting the price as I sell out, I was selling @ 300 and selling out the second I placed them in. I couldn’t keep up, even now at 425 people buy them out in minutes. I’d like to keep the price lower but can’t restock it enough to make it worth it.