The Meat Locker!

The idea was conceived in the Discord voice chat of last Saturday’s Great Hunt and immediately after the event, @houdhakker2 and I scouted out and started building…

The Meat Locker!

The place where you can donate all of your excess meat after a successful hunt!
No more clogging your storage spaces and furnace inputs with raw meat, bring it all here!
There are 4 request baskets with a buying price of 2c
Also if you do need some cooked meat in a pinch, there is a shop stand across from the request baskets.
The main portal will be connected to the lower area of @142857’s Oort Shrine Room amongst the heat of the lava. It is through the magic of the portal which transforms the extreme heat on that side of the portal to the extreme opposite on the other, an ice so cold that it keeps raw meat so perfectly and deeply frozen that no bacteria or mold can even grow. So cold that it has even produced an entire ice biome around it.
The key to storing the meat properly is to keep it in the open frigid air on sterile wooden planks rather than storage containers where meat can get frostbitten, or heaven forbid ROTTEN in a warm environment such as beaconed outdoors on a Therka desert! :scream:

The next stage of construction may require the assistance of someone with experience building with water or especially lava. So, if you or anyone you know fits that description, send them my way! :stuck_out_tongue:

In the meantime you can visit The Meat Locker by going to Therka and heading to:
368N, 530E
There are also currently some temporary portals set up in the staff room, one goes to @houdhakker2’s base and the other goes through my Vulpto outpost to the upper red room in the Fire Caverns.

(sorry for the poor quality, I had to take pictures of the screen with my phone… you’ll have to come and see it in person :P)
Some early stages of things taking shape:

Storage Hallway with exclusive gleam colours :star_struck:

Shop stand and request baskets close by to exit ramp:

Where all the meat will go!

This is where you will land when entering The Meat Locker:

This is where you will exit:

Final-ish look of the exit ramp:

And finally the portals. the green one on the right goes to @houdhakker2’s base and directly where the cursor is pointing is through the 2 portals, to Vulpto then the Fire Caverns (the Fire Cavern portal will be closed once the main portal is open and useable) :smiley:

Temporary portal from the Fire Caverns on the left:

The main portal is open!

Looking up from Therka

The view from the Shrine of Oort: big portal on the left is from Moebius Plaza, the entrance ramp to The Meat Locker is directly where my crosshair is.


That’s entire meat health and safety lore. :joy:


Looking great so far. You all took the vision and are really selling it and doing a wonderful job. I will make sure to come see the progress.

I’m kind of confused why the fire caverns portal would shut down. If you needed a different spot in there @reapa11 and I could have found it. We were getting read to redo that glass room with the large lava flow behind it…

Thanks @Xaldafax!

I’m sorry I didn’t explain fully, it was late when I wrote it all :stuck_out_tongue:
The connection between the fire caverns and the meat locker will be replaced by the main portal (which isn’t built yet) but to be honest, it is actually a shorter walking distance between the middle of the fire caverns to the new portal location than the current temporary path. (through the red room and my vulpto base) plus, I think it’s more fun to jump through a well decorated horizontal portal :stuck_out_tongue:
the second reason why that portal will be closed is because every time I go through the portal from the meat locker to my vulpto base the game crashes. (every single time) and it only started happening the moment we opened the vulpto->fire caverns portal. I also get a lot of lag and rubber banding when in my vulpto base (which only started when the portal opened…)
I don’t need any more connections to my base, I was actually thinking of unplotting or at least moving out of vulpto and living in the meat locker lol (it’s much prettier :stuck_out_tongue: )