The Mercenary Guild

Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to the Mercenary Guild! At the moment in time I am starting this topic Guilds do not exist in our world of Oort, however the second storable inventory comes into existence you can come to expect our ability to summon blocks out of thin air to disappear, and so starting today I would like to begin recruiting for the Guild. The Guild itself is not trying to become some great name, but is a home for the self serving. We will not conquer lands and resources, but we will be the force behind these conquests. So again welcome to our home, and may the wealth flow in your favor.

Fancy intro aside the Mercenary Guild is a guild that doesn’t have any goals as itself. The purpose is for those, whether they walk the path of light or of darkness, to be able to come to us and request help and give out jobs. Whether we are asked to go mining, hunting, join a guild battle, raid a caravan, assassinate a target, farm, steal or anything else. So long as we are being paid and there is a member willing to do such the job will be done. Expect to see your very own brethren on the enemies side during a fight, everyone is just getting paid so no hard feelings. I’ll work out finer details regarding Guild ranks as the guild system is being developed. Post below if your interested.


More interested in the services your guild provides than actually joining, but I was curious about your planned command structure. How will you keep your guild from descending into anarchy? What is to keep the more successful or savvy members from making their own groups and shattering the Guild’s ranks?

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Soooooo as veteran mercenary class player, i want to join, i would preffer combat or destruction jobs, but making castles and mining is good too :smiley:

Put me on the maybe list^^
I’ll mostly play alone in the game and might come by to do some jobs or hang out with other guild members.
But until more stuff comes into the game I won’t play much anyway^^

And havoc asked questions to which I’d like to see the answers aswell.

Looking forward to possibly hiring you in the future. Best wishes!

Given the type of guild it is I’m still working on the design for the ranks, currently I’m imagining it like:

Founder = do whatever I do,

Management = hold the guild together, build our network, distribute requests, and then there are the actual

Mercenaries = perform jobs, get paid, more ranks will exist within this group to represent the individuals beastliness, but otherwise doesn’t affect who’s in charge,

Requesters = source of money, gives minor fee to guild to put up requests at our location (I assume some of you have seen anime where the hero(es) try to get the biggest job on the board but get turned down because they are the lowest rank? It’s like that.)

The management rank is something I’ll need to play with since I’ll surely need more structure there and are more officially a part of the guild.

The mercenaries aren’t necessarily permanent party. The guild’s role is merely to create a central point for requesters to obtain help from, and the mercenaries join us to access our equipment and contacts. Of course those who stick around obtain higher ranks and are hailed as awesome and super helpful.

I plan on making taverns and guild halls in many locations so mercenaries and requesters alike don’t have to travel too far to access our facilities.

If you have ideas on how to solidify the guild’s structure I have my ears open. It will also largely depend on how the Devs approach the guild system and if they put quest boards up as a way for players to hand out jobs (make it happen Devs!)

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So yes I may not have stated this before when asking for recruits, but I’m looking for members who want to be a part of management and members who want to do the odd jobs separately. Management is free to do jobs themselves just be fair to our adventurers and leave some work for them.

Liking your middle-man sort of system here. I think it will work well for you and I’m even more excited to do business in the future at some point.

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Sounds awesome! Iv have always loved being a mercenary type character in games.

I built a bar. Cliffside. Hope to one day be a possible hangout for your guild. I can see myself taking bribes to point people to your darknmysterious middle man sitting at a table in the corner. :smiley:

The bathroom even has a window that overlooks a lake. and being Cliffside it gives new meaning to hole in the wall XD


I would love Fairy Tail style guilds in the game

All guilds there have request boards, think it would be great if that was the case, if you needed something you could go to your local guild and put up a request, all guilds could work with that and maybe specializations if needed, but a mercenary guild would be great for the more shady things.


Would like to add something as an extension to my previous reply. The problem i see and have thought about is the fact that mercenary guilds and in general any type of guild help would be near useless, Fairy Tail is a great example, the mages get quests because there are people without magic, too weak to do something about the problem. which is where it lies, people will ask for help if it is something they cant do. However most games sadly focus on the sort of ‘‘you are the ultimate hero, you can do everything’’ and as such i fear that there wont be a need for hiring help. there are several things that could be done to help with that though

  1. is the ability to play as a crafter, it seems atm that we will have a deep crafting system, but until i see it with my own eyes i just dont think they plan to add the ability to play as a crafter, and as such it turns into ‘‘everybody is a warrior who also crafts once in a while’’ which would make it useless to hire stuff. For how it could work was an idea i had long ago, IF we can play as crafters which makes us heavily desired but weak in combat, the devs could make a system where rare materials would spawn in caves/dungeons, the catch would be you NEEDED to be a certain level of crafter to get those materials, this would in term mean that a crafter would have to hire a mercenary or more to protect them going through this dungeon type difficulty cave.

  2. Real possiblity of loss. this is something i noticed in ArcheAge, while i am not particularly a fan of the game i really loved the idea of the cargo you had to physically transport over long distances where there was a real danger to get killed, this would encourage gathering up people and if you have to move alot it would for example make a trader guild hire a battalion of fighters from a mercenary guild to protect them. while i havent played them i have heard that this is also quite dominant in EVE that you want people to help you.

Those are my thoughts though, there are ways to make guilds and interaction with people a real integral part of the game, but it does require people to accept the mindset of ‘‘I am not equally good at everything, and that is okay’’ in the sense that if you are a crafter, you craft you dont have to be good at fighting. but sadly many gamers hate that idea, they just want a game where they can solo literally everything never needing to be near other players.

(These are my thoughts and observations, i dont have any definitive proof to back up these claims, keep that in mind)

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I’ll always fight so everything is soloable. But there shouldn’t be one player who can solo everything.
And your points are good arguments why that should be.

It is very possible that there are a ton of soloists. Of course I’m also certain there are people who may find crafting too complicated or combat too difficult, aside from assisting those individuals we can also help groups by adding our numbers to their efforts or help cut down building time on someone’s project whether we help build or just gather resources. It’s largely possible that the majority of the player base may never need us, but I can see our services helping out a fair bit. I imagine we would be rather valuable in a PvP world, because one soloist may not be nearly as powerful as another.

Also that caravan idea seems cool, there should be a thing in the future of this game where you have to build a road to make it passable for vehicles (flatten terrain, reduce hills.) Everyone would know where the road is and that would make it possibly dangerous.

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that is a contradicting statement by default isnt it? i think i know what you mean, but the statement itself is quite odd.

Hmm, my guess is this would be hard to develop so long as underground tunnels are possible.

Not really, for me atleast i would just assume its a special ‘‘road block’’ so you would have to dig out and place a road underground, which would be damn cool tbh.

but this goes back to the problem of ‘‘how regenerative should worlds be’’

No it isn’t contradicting at all.

As an example: I want titans to be soloable. That doesn’t mean a player who specialized in crafting should be able to solo it. But he might be able to solo something crafting related which a dedicated fighter can’t. (Can’t imagine what that could be though)

Yeah i got that, its just quite a poor phrasing, if that was the case it wouldnt be so bad (except you still refusing to teamfight titans, WE NEED TO GO KILL THEM TOGETHER BRO) but as i pointed out, need of help comes from helplessness, look around you, in these mmos you can solo everything, in very few can you actually play a crafter, you can actually focus on those things, if you have a game where you have to sacrifice combat strength for crafting strength alot of people will skip it and it will have a very small core audience (e.g SWG and The repopulation) most people wants this whole sort if ‘‘i can do everything’’ i personally hate that mentality, lets take a moment to appreciate wikipedia definition of MMORPG shall we?

alot of mmos now a days completely ignore the last part, mmos are no longer about playing with other players, its about being in the world where there coincidentally are other players too. if this becomes the case for oort too, there wont be use for guilds or for mercenaries, that is why i desperately hope that wont be the case.

PS: got a bit off-track, the point is your definition, for everything to be soloable it usually means that everybody can do everything, which wasnt what you meant, what you meant is what people would NOT call having everything be soloable, given that its hard and non-recommended way of doing it :smile:

I was assuming he wanted it to remain above ground so that “everyone would know where the road is”, making it “possibly dangerous”.

I’m no dev, but I think to block players from using this block underground, there’d have to be some logic to check the distance between the block and the nearest block above it, but if this is set too low, nothing would prevent people from building underground rows and if it’s set too high, gates and trees would become a bother. Clearly you can’t make it a matter of coordinates defining what is “above ground” as this changes dramatically in certain worlds. Again, this is all with the assumption that for KuroKuma, it would need to be above ground only.