The Mightiest Slingbow to Ever Exist!

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Behold! The Mightiest Slingbow to Ever Exist! The almighty max damage shotgun rift heavy slingbow!




Seems accurate

I will give you any one of my beacons if you post a video minting it for 500c


Mind blew up when i saw it had +5 projectiles xD.

With that dmg and number of projectiles, i’d call it the elite stock mower :grin:

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Let us know how far the projectile will actually travel and what the trajectory arc is like. :smiley:

Even if it results in a short range, it will still do it’s job well at point blank…

Very very impressive. I personally would not sell it. I keep a museum of elite forges and that would be a center display. Do you want to sell it to my museum? :slight_smile:


Its almost a shame to use it, being so awesome to just look at (though disintegrating some monsters with it would be pretty amazing haha)

I might be interested in having it be on display somewhere, that would be pretty darn cool. PM me if you wanna go over the details. I’d like to see where you’d put it too :slight_smile:

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What’s the starting bid?

I offer my endless knowledge and a beer.

I have a bone and two sticks if you want to trade it :wink:

oh M G! That is just so you XD

It will be super short range, falling to the ground within a few feet. These types of bows have a very limited use, but they can generally keep even rushing hordes from actually reaching you. It will hit like a semi-truck doing more and more damage the closer the mobs get as more and more projectiles per shot will actually connect with it. Anything at point blank range will take all 5 shots (55k damage) which should 1-2 shot anything even high level wildstock (should have 60k health).

Though the bug in the game code likely means that even though you kill the wildstock before it hits you, it will complete its “ghost charge” and kill you anyways.

It makes for quite a different playstyle, so its worth trying out to see if you like that type of playstyle, but I find the ghost charges from the wildstock ruin this type of playstyle for me. If you do like this playstyle then the next step is finding a forger that will regularly provide you with such weapons. Though I expect the cost of the rift bow will be too high to make this rift bow a regular in your lineup.

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very strong but heavy drives me crazy but thats me. Nice work.

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I’ve been out of forging since they changed it and the Draining Boon Compound method was no longer viable. I’m surprised to see players still have found a way to make high-tier forges like this. It’s good to see.

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It’s very expensive to do that kind of rank on lucent gems. So not many would actually forge that or even buy it

It’s a little better with the distance augment.

I was going to make my post about one that was +4 proj… but now it seems pointless haha.