The Missing Shape

I want this block shape. Please. :slight_smile: Especially want it for the “harder” materials – stone, wood, etc.


First, what a beautiful animation.

Second, yes, this and inverted forms of the current block permutations. Also, can we get a form similar to the cube resting on it’s vertex as seen in the concept art?

I’ll ask @dave to take a look. He’s the king of slopes.

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Maybe a ‘block creator’ could be an option?

Where you have square blocks (for example dirt) and you can point the corners to create a new ‘sloped block’ type?

Altho’ I have no idea if this is a feasible idea to implement with how the current block logic works.

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would be awesome though :smiley:
@ben @dave what do you think?

We’ve had a similar idea. Technically it’s a fair chunk of work, so we’re getting round to the bigger tasks first (crafting etc). But we’ll keep it in mind.

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No, I don’t think a terrain editor is necessary. That is a very cool idea, but I fear it will overcomplicate things, especially for casual players.

What I’m seeing in Oort is much more like the Gummi Ship editor in Kingdom Hearts - a small number of shapes with a variety of materials will give the creative player quite a lot of freedom, without having to be “infinite.”

The shape I animated, in particular, would be particularly advantageous, as it would smooth out the 45° sides of structures (as in an octagon). This would further differentiate, visually, from the inescapable blockiness of MC.


I’d be down for it.
Nice animation too :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a like for a KH reference!^^ and yea just this form would really help building not so blocky things^^

heyyyyyy so…was there an answer from @dave on this shape? “yes, but not right now?” :smiley:

They’re cool and it’s possible but I think it’s unlikely we’ll do it any time soon (as well as the inverse slopes).

There’s lots of things to get on with at the moment, unfortunately it’s just not as high up on the list as combat, crafting, creatures, characters etc and it’s got some complexities to do with physics. We’ve done a good few things to make building more fun recently (steps, slabs, doors, new textures coming soon) so we hope that will satisfy for now.


I just want this so bad :sob: we could make houses on an angle, Ben! On an angle!!


I have pile of building sketches that could use or needs this block :stuck_out_tongue:

Technically we DO have that shape… we just need the ability to place it sideways :confused:

Upside-downable and rotatable EVERYTHING!