The new blocks

What I really love with thise new blocks is that it takes some time to get the resources, both in gathering / hunting and craft time.
I would still not call them rare to get but they are certainly something to strive for both for new and old players and I would say they are perfect as they are now :slight_smile:

Much love to the devs <3


I agree that the time and effort make them more rewarding.

Made a few mass crafts of each now, I have my preferences, still trying to find best colour for one or 2.

If you want to try out new colours, I be up for doing an exchange?


I’ll keep that in mind thanks :slight_smile:

I think the time and effort make them something I will not use, but everyone will have a different opinion on how much time they want to spend in a game to make a block.

I already had all the stuff laying around. Lol. But I make gem tools so

I agree. I just got my shop floor done after 2 days of gathering and crafting. (I already had some stuff laying around to get me started) I got a nice sense of accomplishment afterward and that’s exactly the kind of thing I think you should get from certain elements of a game. Well worth the slog. :slight_smile:

I’m sure many of you know this…

You can use a changer spanner on any refined rock, so that you have the option of any colour for each of the new blocks. You’re not just limited to the inherent sedimentary, Ignious or Meta colours.

For example, I’ve made some nice marble looking stairs out of cold berry which I changed into metas.

thanks to @Huntsman for the tip.


Yeah, been experimanting with this too.

Also, tip for anyone, initially I thought that it was the rock/wood that decides the colour on all the new blocks (im sure I was told by someone), but with deco gravel its the gravel colour that decides.

Which makes sense. :thinking:


Gorgeous that white marble!

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