The New Exo Xpo!

Some of you may know the Exo Xpo and some may not. Located in Iconicsberg it has been offering affordable Exo blocks for several months.

The current location was too small to offer a well organized shopping experience.

Welcome to the new Exo Xpo!

Offering 3 floors of Exo items organized by colored shop stands. Just run to the color you are looking for.

Current Locations to enter. You can always travel through The Exchange as well.


looks great!

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Great looking building, top tier!

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Looking good Orrian! I aspecially like trellis use in the pillars.

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Well done on the build.

It’s another type of marble i think and not trellis.

Edit : Marble Border its name.


lol Thanks everyone. Maybe I will start selling buildings.

you should :slight_smile:
impressive work :smiley:

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