The OFFICIAL Oortball League needs YOU!

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Hey there all of you beautiful Citizens!!!

I wanted to take a moment to tell everyone about the new sport I created in Boundless. Its called Oortball and we need YOU to help us play!

The arena is made, basic rules have been written. Now I just need two teams of 3 players to help me test it out!

We are located on Storis 2 in the Super Rad City of Awesomeness! Basic rules will be posted by the Oortball Arena today for all to read.

If you are interested at all or have any questions please, feel free to ask away on here or during the day you are likely to find me live at!

My goal is to create more reasons for people to get together in the game besides hunts and a fun, silly sport sounds like a great way to make that happen!

Stay Rad!


Could you give us an explanation on how to play? I don’t understand how a game can be played.



There is a goal on each side of the Arena which must be destroyed with a bomb. The goal is built in a reserved plot so that it can be destroyed.

Two teams, three people on each team. One bomber and two grapplers on each team. There is a circle around the goal and the bomber MUST be inside the circle to throw their bomb.

My plan is to not have any rules for stats or what gear you use. If a person levels an alt just for Oortball I see that as the same as training for any sport. Also, no rules on what kind of grapples you can use. I see benefits to using good and bad grapples in this situation.

There are designated starting places for the different positions on the field as well. Grapplers start in the center and the bomber starts behind their team’s goal.

I hope that helps explain it a bit!


You fulfilled my dream I was just telling a friend a month ago we need some kind of sports game/teams my idea was different but I like yours. I would be interested in joining the test, u can also use my 2nd ps4 to record or stream sessions if you wanta



Unless we get a huge amount of interest in it, I am planning on trying to schedule the test matches for next weekend. With the Guilds update coming this week I think we will all be a bit busy with that anyway!


very cool the aquatopian art institute on kada has a huge berely used spleef arena on it if you agree we can adapt it to oortball sounds super awesome :smiley:
ow and feel free to use our event planner in aquatopia discord
people can autojoin your events there without you needing to be online


Totally! My hope is that it catches on and we can have Planetary and Universal Champions.

Thinking about the different cities on a planet putting together their team to see who is the best. Then that team represents their planet in the Universal Championships against all of the other bests of the best.


its def doable in beta rumplypigskin ran spleef matches with prices regularly and it had lots off interest