The Omni Shop


I’m taking a break from Boundless (PoE Delve is just too alluring). Have fun everyone and cya all in the future!


:scream: whhaaaat?!?!





I’m so sorry I never ment to run him off


then give him all your coin!!!


ok if I give it to you will you promise to pass it along?


Absolutely. . @OmniUno Jeff will give me his coin and I will give it to you, but you have to keep the shop open. . deal??


Been splitting my time between Delve and Boundless as well. Pushing for that 600 depth ugh


No wonder all your request basket are devoid of coin…
Now i have to find someone else to buy my extras :pensive:


Just added 500 000 coin to my request baskets and restocked a lot of my shop stands :wink:


Aaaaaand someone’s back :stuck_out_tongue:


My man, we missed you.


I’m back


  • For those who are new, you can find me here:
  • My pricelist has been updated (
  • If any of my prices feel out of touch with the market, please provide me with feedback :wink:
  • All of my request baskets have been restocked. More than 500 000 coin up for grabs!
  • Now buying rough gems @ 499c each
  • Now buying rough oortstone @ 183c each
  • Now selilng volatile blood @ 42c each


Shadow orbs, clay soil, all ancient tech, all ores, all fragments, all shards, creature mantles, petals, raw exotic earthyam, all leaves, rough topaz + amethyst + diamond, rough oortstone, bark, vital + pulsating + shadow orbs, rock, all coals, all beans, reactive lamella, various gleams, opal, flint, trunks, sap, bones, tallow, foliage, thousands of warm yellow sedimentary stones, storage blocks, machined iron, titanium axes, titanium hammers, compactors, centraforges, iron grapples, spark links, extractors, iron furnace bases + crucibles, refined wood, fresh vital essence, paste base, gum base, sign modules, compact clay, compact copper, compact iron, cooked meat, copper + iron + gold bars, glass


Are you still in demand for coals?


Yip, buying 50 000 coin’s coal :wink:


Sweet whenever I can get on later ill be filling those baskets if there is any left haha


I’m happy to see you back. I kept checking frequently, even your neighbor took a break. Having regular spots to visit sure makes game so much better then randomly going through 100s portals to sell and buy things. Your hard work is appreciated!

  • Now selling diamond hammers @ 9909c each
  • Now selling fibrous leaf @ 39c each
  • Now buying rock salt @ 2c each

Restocked with

  • Hundreds of rough oortstone
  • Hundreds of sweet beans
  • Stones, charcoal, beacon controls, glass, gold chisels, spark generators, refined gleam, bomb charges, nails, iron furnace bases, syrup, refined copper, refined iron, refined rock, special gum, ancient vital essence, explorer’s fists, compact diamonds, sackcloth, cotton cloth, sap, iron ore, silver ore, gold ore, raw glossy starberry, raw starberry, milk gland, verdant grass seeds


Now selling diamond grapples @ 9972c each
Did you know? The Omni Shop now has two levels of shop stands.
Many items have been repriced (mostly lower) - please provide me with feedback (

Now buying

Bark @ 41c each
Rock salt @ 3c each
Opal @ 10c each
Soft/medium/hard coal @ 8/23/80c each
Iron ore @ 8c each
Bark @ 41c each

Restocked with

Charcoal, machined copper, portal conduit, cool blue refined gleam, refined wood, iron furnace bases, buckets, iron axes, iron shovels, syrup, bags of flour, refined rock, minor instant healing brews, refined diamonds, explorer’s fists, copper chisels, shimmering orbs, cobalt fragments, sap, foliage, trunks, timber, reactive and glowing lamellas, all grass seeds


Edit: neeeevermind