The Oorena is Done!

Yessir! The construction has been going on since May 7th and as of today, July 6th, it has been completed!



You should really just check it out! It’s off the Lapas Marketplace at the Capital!

My Dream is to see huge combat events here in the future by anyone including Developers. :smile:

Hope to see you there. Now that I’ve completed this long project I am going to take a building break for awhile. Special thanks to @Semiroundpizza8 for helping water removal and special thanks to @Jenndragonfly for supplying me with lava and water. :smile: Love to everyone!


Looks good, will have to check it out. Reminds me of ‘back in the day’ when we worked on an arena over on hell, er Ruccie.

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awesome job @FrostyCupCakes! I can’t wait to see it in action when PVP is running :smiley:


Request a beacon with pvp turned on! List coords for respawn point as well. Pvp is only possible in a pvp beacon atm (such as @nyuudles clock tower in tawas)


Superb build @FrostyCupCakes. It’s so good seeing players putting this much time and love into their creations :+1:

This is exactly why we as the Oort community have to make sure griefing is dealt with as we don’t want to lose the players who have a talent for building awe inspiring creations :triumph:


awesome build :astonished:
Let the games begin!

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nice construction! :smiley:

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Great job, I love it! I’ll have to check it out next time I’m at the Capital.

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That actually sounds like a wonderful idea!

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What I’d actually REALLY love to see is combat features or new dangerous creatures unveiled within the arena, but I feel that’s just being greedy ^^ Thanks to everyone for the kind words!

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I got killed in there. A pig chased me in and I ended up in the lava while trying to get out. Why, by the way, are the entrances blocked? I had to grapple in–and it seems like the grapple doesn’t auto-raise anymore. I had to jump for it to be useful.

May the odds be ever in your favor…

The grapple hook never auto raised as far as I know^^

Do you mean the four gateways into the arena itself? I just had those structured as somewhat of a holding pen. Like for beasts. I didn’t want contenders to be able to simply walk away from a fight. Sure, you can easily grapple onto the surroundings to run, but I’m not going to pave a walkway for fighters to flee on. :wink: Gotta fight for the freedom to leave.

If you can grapple in, you can grapple out.

Contenders can’t walk away from a fight they can’t get to in the first place.

Also, how are spectators going to get in?

There are easy walk ways out of the inner walls and into the seats. Contenders are meant to already be down there like a pit or can easily jump over the railing near the seats like a fight club. :confused: If you look around more than just the central arena you can see there’s hallways all through the walls, walkways outside between each balcony and corner, and stairways down to all the stands from the walkways. A big point of this build to me is the functionality. ^^ I promise when they add just a simple vertical mobility mechanism such as a ladder I will add it, but if I simply created an opening for people to grapple out of I don’t see the difference between that and just pulling themselves out from the middle. :confused:

Totally went and checked this out last night when I realized that Lapas wasn’t just some player’s city somewhere and it was actually a server :smiley: I ran into FrostyCupCakes and made first contact with another player in the Oortiverse. xD

The arena’s pretty fab! I love it, there’s a ton of work that’s gone into the details and everyone should go poke around. :3