The Oortian Botanical Garden

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Hello Guys :smiley:

today we want to share a little project of our city “World Atlas - Kyoto” with you that we recently finished (more or less):

The Oortian Botanical Garden

Here you can find most of the known plants of the Boundless universe, including some describitions that are more or less informativ :joy:

You can find us on Sochaltin I with the coordinates: -2112N; -816E
or with our Portal named “World Atlas” in Ultima HQ in Eresho near the DK Ultima tree (see screenshot below).

We hope you visit and enjoy our exhibition of the plants in Boundless :smiley:


You should take a few screenshots from your entire build Turakae it is way too beautiful to keep it hidden :smiley:

I thought of it but i dont want to spoil the surprise :grin: let them enjoy discovering our stuff

Wow that look awsome @Turakae, will come to check that out

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