The Origin of Blink

My first Lore post and first time writing something not school-related haha, hope you like it! :slight_smile:

The ancient Oort became so powerful that the Protectors sent new elements (Umbris, Rift) on brutal exos to maintain balance. The Oort created blink to combat it. Hence why Blink is so different-looking and techy.

The ancient Oort. The mysterious race that we are still unravelling the mysteries of. They were so advanced, where are they now? Are they extinct? Did they travel to the other side of the Oortiverse? Here’s my two cents on the Oort, and the origin of the other-wordly lucents.

The Oort started with nothing, just like us, but without any technology to speak of. None in the ground, none from any previous race. They built towns and eventual advanced civilizations, making things never-before seen in the Oortiverse. The Oort became powerful, too powerful for their own good, in fact, that the Protectors could not even compare.

There had to be balance.

Eventually the Oort noticed a strange phenomenon never before seen, and whole planet came whizzing across the star-ridden night sky, twirling every which way, in no normal pattern.
The Oort recklessly used their advanced knowledge and technology to create seamless pathways to this planet, only to find an intensely harsh atmosphere full of strange new elemental creatures.

“What are these? What has the universe brought to us?” Asked many. There was only one way to find out.

The best tools and weapons the Oort had ever forged were made for this expedition. The Oort brought tools of every element, toxic, burn, chill, shock, nothing was left out. Gathered together, the early pioneers opened their primitive gateway to the extra-oortian planet. They found creatures similar to those on homeworks, but these, these were different. Attacks on them left a brief, dark haze. It looked beautiful, but it was brutal. No element seemed to work well against them. Weapon after weapon was broken attempting to fight these powerful creatures, but to no avail.

Some creatures fell, some Oort fell.

“What can we do, or what have we done to deserve this?” They asked again. The Oort fell back and left this dark exo-world alone.

Time passed, and the planet faded out of existence. More time passed, and then came yet another planet. This one looked different. With the knowledge and experience gained from the last planet, the Oort tried again, for there was nothing they could not conquer, until these strange planets arrived.

Again, great tools, and greater weapons were created, not one element was left out in travelling to the mysterious planet. They arrived, finding creatures with a strange, blue, and electrifying aura about them.

This time, along with them was brought an Oortian not equipped with weapons, but with tools to harvest whatever powerful resource that may await then far underground. He immediately got to work hammering away with all of his Oortian strength. It was about mid-way to mantle that he found it. A mystical material, that seemed to hold a universe inside it. It was blue in hue, with what looked like forks of lightning throughout it. He was so in awe looking at this lucent material, that he forgot of his surroundings, and where he was. All he found was this one seam, and with him he brought this bright, shining resource.

The stubborn Oort above ground fought with all they had, meteors striking the ground around them, many fell on both sides, but no meteor was left completed.

Again they fell back, taking losses in numbers, but not in knowledge. They had something new to examine, a lucent.

“How can we fight this?” They questioned themselves and pondered. There is not enough to make a tool with. A bright Oortian of the bunch came up with an idea, “Let’s make our own material!”
“Can this even be done?” Asked many.
The Oort combined all known elements, along with some unknown (to us today) and unexplainable technology, to create something new. It blinked, and shined just as bright as the blue material brought back with them.
Another expidition was made, and with them the brought they forged tools, weapons and the like, all made out of this new, blinking material. The mindless cuttletrunks and spitters stood hardly any chance against them, the Oort were now too powerful, now able to come eye-to-eye with the once all-powerful rift creatures.

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according to Dev Mythology, lucent chizels were made for the refuge family but the youngling (with the blink chizel) ended up abusing the power of creation with the chizel.