The paradox of choice

This is a video i saw a long time ago and i found it curious. its a 20 min video in case you want to watch it, it is extremely general but it can also be applied to the world of gaming, and in this case oort online.

Now please, if you want to participate then try to watch it and answer these questions

How complex does a system need to be, to be satisfying?

Too much choice will make you feel like you regret it, so we need to have choices we cannot change so we just learn to live with it. in the general case it would be things like character creation, we learn to live with it because we cannot change it, what might bother us at first ‘‘my character’s nose looks weird i wish i could change it’’ (yes i have thought things like this before) might be something you learn to live with and like, but are there other ways we learn to live with the choice? another general thing would be a class system but that would take away the freedom of choice, but is that really such a bad thing in the end? could oort limit it in other ways?

Do you think that we can make systems too complex for our own good, we believe more is always better but that is clearly proven to be wrong in this case.

So yeah. try to think how it could affect the game, because we all come up with insanely complex systems because they sound great in theory, myself included, but would we really be happier with a simpler system that is easier to get into and understand, rather than feeling confused and feeling that there is always a better way to do what you are doing?

Awesome reference, and good point! :smile:

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I feel like Oort will naturally reach a good balance between freedom and restraint because of the size of the dev team. The resources just don’t exist for everyone to be given absolute freedom. I think a clever use of resources will bring us to a good midpoint for this game.