The poor drowning animals!

So I’m building next to a lake and I love having the wildlife around me. The only problem is they keep wandering into the water and drowning. It makes me sad. So at some point if you can program their AI to avoid water that would be cool.


I kinda like it when the spitters wonder in stupidly to chase me. As for the goats I don’t really care for them either. Though part of me keeps expecting a few lurking water critters to murder me. At least give the goats the ability to swim.

Don’t invest emotionally in pixels. Pixels don’t love you–they only want your money.


They’re learning to swim … the hard way.


we’ll just have to build fences to help them out!

Yea, fences are a good idea, we wouldn’t want them to come out of the water before they’ve learned how to swim.


Its evolution in progress at some point one of them will know how to swim and the the genes will spread :smiley:

They give themselves to the Drowned God! That which is dead may never die!


There is only one god!
And what do we say to the god of death?

i live, i die, i live again!

God of Death, the Drowned God, the Seven, the Old Gods of the Forest, even the Red God… are all just some of the many faces of the Many Faced God.

But that is irrelevant to the topic at hand. I say, let them drown! Now to figure out how to make this work for an automatic mob grinder… hmm…

Who needs to die in the first place?

That is not dead which can eternal lie yet with strange aeons even death may die

Our elder god slumbers deep in the oceans he does not care for the death of petty mortals.

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I’m quoting exactly this somewhere in boundless post release. Hidden sunken temple in Kovah 2?


YAS filled with talk about the elder gods and our dark lord Cthulu. He would cause quite a lot of Havok if awakened no? :wink:


If we build Kovah… I wonder… can we bury a living titan underground?

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Well we have a plan to try out at least :smiley:

@james how much money do we need to pay to create a special spawn call for a custom titan?

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Not quite sure what’s you’re asking here.

Do you want to make your own Titan :dragon: ?


We want to force a titan to spawn below the capital of Kovah. A custom design would rock, too.

They’re pretty big you know…


So is the nefarious plan we’re cooking up

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