The Potential Future of Boundless: The Next Minecraft?

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Boundless has been a game I’ve personally loved for a long time and I’m excited to see what’s in store for the next few months due to the sudden changes with publishing rights. I’ve always wanted to see the game grow bigger with even more to offer. However, I do feel there needs to be some points discussed that could help Boundless out more than we all think. I’ve summed up my thoughts in this video here for anyone interested:

I truly think this game could sky rocket to number one in the charts, we just need to work together to try and make this a reality. Please share this video with any Boundless players you know because these features are what the game needs to not only survive, but grow bigger than what we ever imagined as a community.


Make sure to like, comment, watch the entire thing… etc!

The more people do those things, the more this video will have the potential to spread to new players!


There has been a ton of well meant critizism on how to make the game bigger/better over the years and you are right it could grow by a lot, potentially.
However to achieve anything it will need investment and frankly I have not seen the owner make that kind of commitment over the years or being open to valid critizism especially on how to improve the socializing part (backbone of mmo genre). It is probably a question of money as usual and until the game gets proper financing I doubt that it will improve.
Nonetheless best of luck to you in your efforts.


Good luck with promoting and getting people in to the game, it really is an awesome game with some true potential. However… the games got some way to go to realise that potential. Personally I’d not want to promote it too hard at the moment to avoid disappointment and negative feedback. Until “coming soon” news comes and we know what that is, along with implementing the promised features from last year - or those posts etc being removed as no longer relevant.

Ideally regular feedback, posts or dream world a new community manager etc too need to happen.

A lot of people will dismiss this game quickly due to James and the team not being actively involved- which is an entire other topic covered to death already with justifications and challenges etc etc


Thanks for the video, look forward to seeing more!

Eh Lost me at PvP. WoW, League of Legends, Dota2, Iracing and more…I’ve had my fill of toxicity and thats why I play boundless :slight_smile: Regen bomb mining has been a known PvP tactic in the past…Been a victim of this too many times. Heck you can even consider the forums a forum of PvP, just gotta flag stuff that you feel is against your negative experiences.

Xbox would be a great addition! BUT minecraft being microsoft…Not sure about conflict of interest software/competition titles but either way. Getting more exposure would be great! But does the team have the funding to invest into the Xbox license and publish to console?

Game needs to deliver on its promises…I’ve harped about unfinished things in the past and will just leave it at that. Kinda need to finish what you start before taking on new additions…

F2p: Don’t get me wrong…Boundless is great but we need to be ensured that the free to play 2019 weekend issues will never happen again if the flood gates are opened. There were too many mistakes that caused me and others to just outright quit. Not sure if bomb mining was the culprit here but World regen didn’t work, meteors didn’t spawn, players locked out of planets for being full and trapping us in Ping-pong Lands…

Minecraft: They have regular updates, can be modded. Boundless has…Improved graphics,


Nice quick video and one thing I agree with fully is that Boundless is a great game.

As far as your 3 bullet points to what needs to be added to make it better than Minecraft:

  1. PVP Combat - It doesn’t need PVP combat. Having ran MANY Minecraft servers myself, PVP was never the big draw, not that some players didn’t play it though. I am not against PVP though, but adding just PVP worlds or PVP areas would take a lot of development changes and if you ask on these forums, I think you will find out a lot more people are against open world PVP.

  2. Free to Play - This one I waver on myself. While I am an advocate for making the game free to play, as many people have pointed out A LOT needs to happen to support this. The infrastructure is not there to support it as a free to play game, but I do agree that making the game free to play would bring in more players. Additionally, a good number of people feel free to play will bring in more toxicity.

  3. Available on Xbox - I don’t think this is going to bring in a mass amount of people sadly, but I do think adding to Xbox would be great. I am not an Xbox developer, but I can only imagine it may take a team of devs to port it to Xbox. Having been in numerous conversations in some developer forums, it takes a pretty strong effort to port a game over and I don’t think the Boundless team is in the position to make that happen, but who knows.

All in all, you should make a fair video that shows the pros and cons of the game in its current state and what needs to be added to make the game sell more and more importantly RETAIN players. Great video nonetheless, but someone really needs to make a video or a series of them discussing why Boundless can’t and doesn’t retain players.


Why only Xbox and not Nintendo I would rebuy this game on the switch boop :cookie:



I think making Boundless available on any and all platforms is great, but I was simply commenting on the video and how it states, “making it available on Xbox” would “make it better than Minecraft”.

I think a lot needs to be fixed/added/changed in order for it to really make an impact on the player base and prior to trying to introduce it to a wider audience. Much like I told @HOST there are players like him, myself and you @BabyCookie that feel the game is great as it is and I agree, but sadly there are a huge number of players that disagree.

I really, REALLY, REALLY want the New Player Experience (NPE) to be better. That alone I think would get players and retain more players.

  • I love the idea of being able to make certain beacons PVP, or player owned planets being able to set them to PVP (you would need at least one public PVP planet if it were per planet.

  • F2P i think is not needed, and would result in too much mess over the place. But i agree a lower price is good…

  • The more platforms it is available on the better, but also not sure it would bring many in at the moment, or even be worth putting the work in to do so, with the current game state.

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Feels like it fits with the switch well… if it could run it…

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The switch can run other much more complicated games, both in graphics and physics, the biggest problem is with it’s portability mmos are not as popular on the system since you can often be without an internet connection. there are a few mmos with a switch port that does well, but it’s not a genre that is super sought after on the platform…

That being said, i would 100% buy it again on switch, even if i have to start over with characters (although i doubt Nintendo cares as much as sony about letting you have a shared account with a PC on a third party game).


Teeeted your vid and subscribed :wink::wink::wink::+1::+1::+1::+1:


I really dislike Minecraft yet I still find the things Minecraft has list very light…like endgame content, player support blah blah.

I think my main frustration with BL is that it truly could make me play more than WoW did (many hundreds of days in game & invited to play in a tournament with expenses paid) but its being let down so so badly at the moment

Minecraft was not made to have a ton of content. That was Notch’s who thing with minecraft. Just its modding capability is great, thats the catch to it. The Modders aka community made the game what it is. Notch just provided the tools for it. Clever strategy. But I do agree ghandy…Minecraft does not hold players for long…I am one of those.

What drew me to boundless sadly never saw the light of day. I too played WoW heavily and now that its just a cash grab and corporate run…It was only a matter of time when they destroyed their own game :frowning: I found my dungeon crawler fix but that game is ruined by Ram Hackers :frowning:

But minecraft is still the standard…There are no other players in this fantasy voxel MMO universe…(Don’t consider trove voxel MMO) just more of an RPG. Will larian pick this up and add some rpg fluff and expand the A.I. Universe, and other things? I sure hope so!

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Minecraft is awesome, but much like any game it just gets old over time. Never understood the dislike for Minecraft by most people. What took a good bit to get over for me was the graphics once you either find a texture pack you enjoy or just realize the gameplay more than makes up for the graphics then it gets good.

I play a lot of Minecraft, but almost never get around to actually building in it. :sweat_smile: Where it shines to me is exploration for loot (especially tunneling underground) and just gathering tons of stuff. I keep planning to build but end up just doing more tunneling or searching for cool seeds on Chunkbase. Extremely good game to chill out with, end up getting Minecraft dreams, my brain does a good job recreating the game for whatever reason. It does the NPE well too, and while some things are tricky to figure out without looking them up, it is pretty easy to get to where you can get a lot of block types and really enjoy the game.

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Hmmmm :thinking: makes the wheels turn in my brain.

Hype brought me to Minecraft years ago, when it was newish. A friend described it as lego style survival game. I loved legos growing up. What turned me off was lack of motivation or an end goal(at the time you couldnt “beat the game”) so i grew bored. Im no builder like some of you guys. Fast forward like 6 years and i was pondering a game title for no real reason and searched it “Boundless”. And boom it existed. Found a Yt by the name of AbloodyViking and was hooked both by his charisma and the potential of the game. That was back in 2016ish…my boss at the time actually bought it for me and i played it after work on the work pc. I landed on Solum and built outside a city called Pixeltown. A couple years later and surprise surprise they released the game on ps4 at launch, iirc it had to do with stipulation from square. I personally was shocked as was some of the community, we were sure there needed to be more done to it and MUCH MUCH more publicity. Ive never seen ad for Boundless, ever. “A slow burn” they said. Which is fair for a small dev team, however, it seems that we’re still ‘slowly’ burning, what 3-4 years later now? Alot has been done for qol since. They added a metric TON more craftable items and mats. But the underlying issue with style of game has not been fixed or added. How do I “beat the game”? Gather enough materials to fill a base on each of the Known Worlds? We were promised Titans which were to be the ‘end game’ bosses, still coming soon. For me personally, the main draw is 50+ PLANETS to explore with varying biomes, colors and materials. The 250+ colors and chisels make it far and beyond a better building game than minecraft, imo. The PLAYER driven commerce, the lack of NPCs, and the knowledge that everything of substance that was built was made by the player makes my jaw drop constantly!
What I think Boundless ‘needs’ is not more items, but more stuff in the universe to do(made by the dev), and a goal to achieve(made by the devs). A revamp of the NPE, to hook more players early on, and once implemented ADVERTISEMENT! Word of mouth and free weekends have brought us this far but ads reach further and wider than we do by a long shot. I found this game on a whim, “The Algorithms” could bring in a lot more. Finish it first please. We’re almost there.