The red stone solution

last night I was hanging a clock above my toilet. I slipped and hit my head but when I woke up I had the best idea.
it all starts with a control panel. you then craft an antenna out of one of the metals. copper has the shortest range and titanium has the longest. then these two are connected to a blink core.
now your control panel can interact with diforant objects within range like pistons, people detectors, day and night detectors … ect
hook people detectors to doors and piston’s. hook up day night detectors to lamps doors or whatever. it’s a simple system that would allow simple or complex machines to be made.
no need for messy power cords or the like.


Like it, let me turn on and off my gleam street pool.

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Love that Back to the Future reference :grin: (is it a back to the future reference, if not I look like an idiot :joy:)


I don’t really care how they do it, but some form of red stone would be extremely nice in this game. however I just don’t see it happening. We don’t even have water and lava buckets for placement yet because of the potential for causing other people to have bad interactions. Being able to automate doors might make it so that you can “trap” a player somewhere. being able to move blocks with pistons not only allows you to trap people but also maybe even kill them.

So while I would really love to see something like this added in. I don’t think they will. Not intill they can fool proof it so it cannot be used to harm other players, and in the process of that, severely limiting what it can do.

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yep that’s when doc came up with his plans for the flux capacitor.


I’m sure it’s not going to happen soon but when they do get to it this would be a fine way to make it happen.

Man one day… A Boundless version of Redstone is one of my biggest hopes for the game.


Nice Back to the Future plug.

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Creativerse has this. It’s called machines. you can wire your door and other types of blocks to each other to create really cool contraptions.


return to sanctum solves any and all trapping grief… atleast in my opinion

wi-fi redstone… i like it!


If you’re looking for red stone, plenty of planets have it. I built an entire structure out of dusky cherry sedimentary rock.

If you’re looking for examples of remote controls in other games, well, DF has never required a physical connection between levels/pressure plates and the drawbridges/doors/atom smashers they control. They just require a Backer with plenty of Brews to be sealed in a room to operate the lever safely. You just build the control and place it, and it gives you a menu from which you can select any controllable object you have already placed as the target of its action. That game has everything.

DF what game is that?

They did this in SkySaga, before that game got shut down.