The Return Of “99c STORE”

Hey everyone.

Ive recently been stocking up on a lot of stuff so I can reopen my old shop. For the people who have been playing since last year may remember my shop in Finata.

Today, I just reopened it.
Freshly built and stocked, prices are lower than a lot of shops.

Location - Currently the only way to get there is through “Jacey’s Shopping Mall” in Eresho.

Feel free to open a portal there & stock will be restocked weekly.


99c store is back!!!


I haven’t seen nowhere that stocks all the machines for the guild buffs apart from @ 99c Store!

Hammers, grapples, shovels, axes, centraforge ingredients, soil, sand, growth, thorns, lava, water - the list goes on…

Locations are Jacey’s Shopping Mall, DK’s Tree & Legendville.


The Guild Shop on Boori stocks all the guild machines.

Well that explains that, I don’t go to boori due to the lag I get :man_facepalming:t3:

I noticed you have two portals to DKs Ultima tree.
Thought I’d let you know incase it wasn’t intentional!

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Nope it’s on purpose :blush: hehe