The Shop Scanner is Here!

Greetings Citizens,

We’ve just rolled out a new update to Boundless, bringing the usual wave of fixes and improvements, alongside a new feature which we think you’ll really like - the Shop Scanner.

Found within the Knowledge, two new tabs called ‘Buy From’ and ‘Sell To’ will display the plinths offering the best value for any given item on the current World. The Shop Scanner will make sourcing specific items far smoother and faster, with knock-on effects to Crafting, Building, and every other aspect of life in Boundless.

The Knowledge will display the amount for sale, the current price, the distance to the shop, and how many patrons the shop served this week. Citizens can mark a specific shop as their destination directly from the Knowledge, sending them on their way to trade whatever they need. Use the number of recent patrons to determine if the shop is worth a visit. Still looking for those elusive Power Coils? Need a particular type of Metal to complete your Build? The Shop Scanner has you covered!

As always, we’ll have detailed patch notes shortly, which I’ll link to here once they’re live.

And here’s Jiivita with the video rundown!

Happy trading folks - enjoy your shiny new shop scanner!


Im looking forwards to helping out the patronless! Spread my purchases across some of the lesser known shops… I think this will be great for the economy and helping out ‘local businesses’ so to speak


Finally on top of some leaderboards for once in my life! :wink:

This is great, really! Like I said in the other thread, this totally changed my plans with my stores, encouraged me to expand rather than cut back - my original idea was to offer cheap stuff to help out the newcomers in particular, and now they’ll be able to find it much more easily.

Thanks as always for all your work! :smiley:

Edit: Ok, have to share this - took like ten minutes to get my first visitor coming in and complimenting me! I think I’m gonna like this! :smiley: I didn’t think I could be more addicted but I think I will be, keeping my stands even more stocked.


Ahh @bucfanpaka that’s so cool! :smiley:
I can’t wait to get online!

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Some of the long beacon names need to be truncated so they don’t overlap the succeeding info.

I’m surprised. Haven’t these two problems been noted/reported before when the update was in testing?

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Might have to start placing beacons with portal directions instead of names…

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The Shop Scanner is Here!

i hope you all enjoyed the little ‘‘sneak-peek’’


And this waaaaaas Semptember’s fools! Oh wait its not funny? Ah umm aah ok ok. Hahaha still appreciate the devs efforts <3. Things happen and its all part of it.


How many people found and bought things while the shop scanner was online that they hadn’t been able to easily find before?

I think it definitely is implemented well for now to meet our core needs for a working economy.


I made tons of sales of things I normally don’t sell, maybe people realized I had them. :smiley:


I find some good stuffs running around :slight_smile:

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I’m a fairly new player, and I was able to grab 24 Workbench coils for 25c each… Thanks SCANNER :smiley:


That will definitely kickstart your gameplay!

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I don’t know if it’s just me but I keep getting a screen that says loading shop data when I look for prices.

Ok seems gyosha ophin is lot loading datta for either of my character. The other worlds seem fine

Puts things for 1c then puts lock on door Pfft Pfft Pfft

Use bump warp to get in. May take a few tries but works if there beacon is set up right

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If people are doing this, report them. It’s been said they will get warned and then potentially banned if they continue.